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  1. Would not draft him in the top two rounds. He went at the 1.07 in a $150 last night. Conner went in the 6th to the same owner. That's way too hefty of a price to lock up one backfield, imo.
  2. Steelers are completely at fault here. They had TWO FULL YEARS to work out a deal with Bell - his last contract year and the first franchise tag year. If you can't pay the man what he wants - trade him or let him walk. They 100% need to remove the "double-franchising" bullsh*t. I cannot believe the players agreed to that in the CBA.
  3. Since everyone owns Conner I'm going to save $4 and put it elsewhere. Going against the grain and doing Bell / no Conner. Also going stud QB/TE more than the other positions.
  4. hahaha i legit changed it up today to put Bell in there ... for the sole fact that he's going to have really low ownership.
  5. Someone took Bell at the 1.01 last night lmfao. It was a $10 work league - but still. It was also non-PPR. It raised some eyebrows. I will say that the guy who took Bell when he was suspended for 3 games (a couple years ago) ended up winning the league. The per-game production is just nuts when he's available. It's substantially higher than any other RB the last five years.
  6. Even with all of the news about him lately I still got him in the 13th round last night. People are very unaware. I've been stockpiling shares since a month ago when he looked solid during the off-season. Currently holding in 8/12 leagues.
  7. Doesn't bother me. it's a concise way of saying how "all-in" you are on a player. "Share" is also co-operative. I don't say I "Own" players ... don't like that term. But a "share" of a player is being part of his success, like buying a stock. You both/all do well when that player or company does well. I think you have too much time on your hands and/or first-world problems if this is what you're complaining about online. Good luck this season!
  8. You're taking him at max value and assuming he capitalizes on all the opportunity (decent 0-line, good WRs/defenes to take pressure off, solid draft stock). I wouldn't be passing on the WRs available at that spot in a PPR but Royce would be on my list of draftable players in a Non-PPR at the 3.03.
  9. Had no shares so took him last night for $40 in a 16-teamer auction. That's equivalent to $30 in a 12-teamer, and around late 3rd value. Paid a lot but I wanted a share this year and needed a RB2.
  10. Same. Even before the recent news weeks ago I was taking Conner in the 11th-12th in many drafts as an upside bench option. Guys like Gio, Ware, Edmonds, Yeldon, would all be workhorse backs if the guy got injured so I usually load up on them.
  11. Throw in Yeldon, Gio, Chase Edmonds. All of these guys could be potential workhorses if the first guy goes down.
  12. Price definitely seems worth the risk given his ADP. Just took him in the 10th round last night in a $275. It's PPR so his value is even more mitigated, but if he has even 700/6 in a committee and can be used as a bye-week filler he's easily worth that price.
  13. RBs are going pretty quick this year, even in PPR. That's why I'm favoring NOT doing the zero-RB strategy this year. You have to reach so hard to get your two RBs while there are tons of good WRs available late. This seems overall like a bad year for zero RB.
  14. Gronk hasn't been available at the turn in any of the dozen drafts I've done so far. Seems to be taken 2.06-2.09 like clockwork in every draft. I have the 1.05 coming up on Sunday and am hoping to finally get a share of him at the 2.08.
  15. Dorsett becomes the highest scoring WR drafted outside the top WR60. Returns top-30 value, including multiple touchdown days during the fantasy playoffs.
  16. I floated that idea in here a few days ago. That would be f'in amazing.
  17. I will never get over this .. they were clearly the best team in the league that year. They went to SEA during the prime Legion of Boom years and were up two TDs with 2 minutes left in the game. They dominated the whole game. Just unreal they didn't win that. So few injuries, dominant offense/defense. That was the 2nd SB year. F***** Bostick.
  18. Word is they were offered something in the 5th-7th range for Huntley during the draft. I'm guessing a conditional 6th (if Huntley is on the SEA roster next year). Better than nothing if they were going to cut him anyway. i'm shocked about them carrying Tim Doyle. He seems no threat at all to be poached by another team. And we have a lot invested in our immediate backup. Why carry him on the active roster? Waste of a 53-man spot, imo. He might just go to the 53-man but be one of the 10 inactive on game day (I think only ~43 are active on game day).
  19. Non-Rodgers note .... Seems like there's a very real chance that Cobb gets cut. Allison has flourished, they have Graham and Adams making big money, and used numerous draft picks on WRs they can develop ... and Rodgers makes the WRs, not the other way around ... why do they need Cobb for another year? He's not going to be on the team next year, anyway. Why not save $8M in cash and 9.6M in cap hit and dump him now? Cobb has the 2nd highest cap hit of anyone on the team. That's not right. Dump Cobb and Matthews and use that $20M this year to trade for Mack!
  20. It depends how they structured it. $20M this year's salary + $60M signing bonus would be $80M by March. Although I'm not sure why you would give a huge signing bonus if you were guaranteeing most of the contract - that makes it so you have to pay it now vs later and amortize over the next five years (immediately after paying it). They'd be better keeping the cap hit to $20M the next two years and load up on some talent for a final run.
  21. So much for trading for Mack! $33M/year during his twilight years (age 37-40) is massive but it's still only 18% of the yearly cap space. For the best QB in the league, I'll take it.
  22. Regardless of how he performs this year, I stand by every comment I've made about drafting a punter. It's like taking a QB in the 5th round in fantasy drafts. Can it work out? Sure. But when it does work out, you're still getting almost no value on the pick. And when it doesn't work out - you just signed a guaranteed contract for a punter you're not even using (see the Jag's punter pick two years ago).
  23. He's not being drafted at WR27 in any competent leagues. Jeffrey dropped all the way to WR43 in my $500 slow draft and I finally took him at the 9.02. I think at that price he's more than worth the potential upside as the WR1 on an explosive offense. Seems like a very positive note they are activating him off PUP. You don't waste a roster spot for injured people for two weeks unless you're expecting them to be a major contributor when they are ready. I will still easily draft him anywhere after WR36 (which basically means he's just a bench stash). Fantasy is about risk/reward and there's little risk at that stage of drafts.
  24. Temper expectations, guys. McCarthy has been on record no less than half a dozen times over the years saying he'll never give a feature-back workload to one guy. It burns them out for the playoffs. They just don't need to run a guy into the ground to get wins because they have Rodgers. In addition, it's not like they're devoid of an amazing 3rd down back. When healthy, TY is a phenomenal pass blocker and catcher out of the backfield. He's going to get plenty of use. And another point - Rodgers throws in the red zone more than just about any other QB over the last decade. So Williams' TD upside is capped as well. Packer homer here - and just not seeing the value with him.
  25. Conner in almost every draft. One of the few guys who would be legit bellcow with an injury in front of him. I get him in the 13th+ every time. Lamar Miller is going to be on most of my teams. He has no competition for touches in an explosive offense... has shown great receiving and pass blocking skills, and has the speed to bust a long one at any point... and he's going in the 5th round...? Crabtree is another unsexy pick that will have yet another under the radar 80/1000/8 season and be a steal in the 7th+. Crowder is on over half my teams. PPR magnet this year and getting him in the 6th+.
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