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  1. Man..... I dont know how I can bench this guy... I have some solid options in Waller, Mack, and the MN backfield (Mattison or Boone)-- but Moore has been damn good
  2. Ravens can't clinch the 1 seed without a win and a KC loss. No worries of resting guys there
  3. Any insiders out there? Will Mattison be back or is Boone the guy? Chances Dalvin plays or is ruled out prior to Sunday games?? Lost Godwin last week & need a waiver guy to start probably after Mack & the entire Colts offense looked brutal last night.
  4. I think Desean may be on a lot of FF championship teams... Sure, he maybe could have hobbled through his injury a few weeks ago but he didn't. Does it suck for those who drafted and held him? Of course. But FF is a LONG season and its a week by week game. Look at the Eagles playoff schedule. Week 14: Giants at home Week 15: @ Washington Week 16: Dallas at home And if you need to get in: he plays @ Miami in week 13. If he is on the field he will be a top 20 guy those 4 weeks.... and I just got him off my wire for free while guys like Ty Johnson went for 20-30% of our budget
  5. Hate this deal for you. Quick decline.
  6. Debating sitting him @ the Patriots for Sutton or possibly (gulp) Stills.....
  7. Just got dropped in my league- (Deep rosters) Wonder if he is worth a stash as a late season add? Eagles playoff schedule is $$$
  8. Got to be a top 5 WR moving forward I would think.
  9. Pringle passes the eye test for me more than Robinson for sure
  10. Where do you guys have Mack in your dynasty rankings? Is he talented enough to be the bell cow there for awhile? Just traded for him & am pretty stoked about it.
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