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  1. Bell & Gordon are examples of guys coming off of suspensions that literally won leagues that year. My point was proven. Clearly not all drug related players come back and dominate-- but you know who else doesnt always come back and dominate-- injury returned players, players who signed with new teams, players with new coaches, players who "got in better shape"
  2. You are so right. Definetly wasn't worth it to draft Moss after he resurfaced in New England, or Bell after his drug bust. In fact, picking up Gordon after his 4 game suspension when he went on to lead the league in receiving in 12 games wasn't worth it at all.
  3. Hes handling himself like a jackass-- but his message is probably right-- if he was the #2 on qb with a really nice deep ball-- he would be lighting the league on fire like he did 2-3 years ago.
  4. out of curiosity? What did you get? 

    1. djjosee


      I just upgraded some draft picks ... we're in a 2 man keeper and he was going to be dropped anyways.

  5. This first week he was back I think week 6 I understand that. Vick was at qb, and we weren't sure exactly how involved he would be in the game plan. There were stretches last year where he was completely ignored as a rookie. In week 6 I struggled mightily bw martavis and Diggs. Ended up going with martavis. Diggs had a solid game. 129 rec. and did a lot of his damage in the first half. While Bryant was flopping. Then Landry came in and laser focused on Bryant and he exploded for 2 tds I believe. One that was a highlight reel. After that I knew that this guy is a permanent fixture in my lineups
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