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  1. I don't know the reasoning for the timing being now, but if they wanted to get in front of it July would have been the time. And it seems like they leaked the Demaurice Smith email by itself then the rest on Monday.
  2. Some people use certain terms or offensive language to mean something other than what other people take it to mean. I'm not saying it's right. If he didn't realize it's not acceptable to use certain terms or words anymore that's dumb and shows a lack of awareness, but not necessarily bigoted behavior. I put more stock in people's actions over their word choice. It's not a feather in his cap that he didn't release Nassib, but it shows how he actually reacted when there was a gay player on his team. And Gruden didn't know these emails were going to come out. If he truly was homophobic he could have reacted differently. There were people calling for Nassib to be released given his salary and lack of production last year. Gruden certainly could have had Ferrell active over him early in the season or not played him when he was active. He was on the field a ton and this shows me Gruden had a willingness to play who he thought were the best players regardless of other factors.
  3. Really dumb for Gruden to write this kind of stuff and send it to someone's work email, but I don't think he is a racist or homophobic. He had a guy on his own team that felt comfortable enough to come out as being gay with Gruden as his coach and he did not release or deactivate him on Sundays. I don't know exactly what all the emails say, but he supposedly said women should not be refs in the NFL. If that is true that might be the worst thing of everything, to just disqualify someone based on their gender.
  4. Not sure who I do want, but it's not Bienemy. Not really fair to Bienemy, but I look at the job Nagy has done with the Bears and don't want someone from Andy's tree.
  5. The NFL wanted him out. When Mark didn't suspend him for Sunday they leaked more emails yesterday.
  6. Looks like this game will be Gruden's punishment. Expecting flags on Raiders rest of the way.
  7. Give the guy credit he made it seven snaps into this season.
  8. From an ESPN article: The email came to light during the NFL's investigation of workplace misconduct with the Washington Football Team, as "the league was informed of the existence of emails that raised issues beyond the scope of that investigation," according to McCarthy. Senior league executives reviewed the content of more than 650,000 emails, including the one the Journal reported was written by Gruden to Bruce Allen, then the president of the Washington Football Team. The NFL then sent pertinent emails to the Raiders for review. This also means that someone from the NFL probably leaked it to the Wall Street Journal.
  9. Richard and Nixon activated from IR. Mullen and Arnette placed on IR.
  10. This was an email sent to one other person. If this is so harmful to so many people why publicize it and repeat it? It was certainly dumb on Gruden's part, but the people that are blowing this out of proportion live for this stuff and will twist anything remotely racist or racial to suit their agenda.
  11. The difference I see is that in the last two years when they got down early to the Jets two years ago and Falcons last year the game went completely off the rails. Like you pointed out, this team continues to fight and got back in the game last week.
  12. Agree, Tampa is probably the overwhelming favorite to sign him.
  13. He's not ready to play yet, but there is now a great corner on the market with the Pat's release of Gilmore. Creative front offices find ways to sign the guys they need. It doesn't really matter how much cap room they have at this minute. The cap can be manipulated if a front office knows what they are doing.
  14. Really good point, this stood out to me as well.
  15. And three conference wins. Lots to be excited about so far.
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