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  1. Jacobs out this week. Man this team really banged up for it only being week 2. Drake signing could really pay off.
  2. Let down or not this is just a really tough spot. That Steeler D is great and I'll be happy if they can hang in and maybe steal this one.
  3. Great win. I had multiple heart attacks. Agree with lots of things already said. They should never call another QB sneak with Carr. It just doesn't work well.....ever.
  4. Offensive line not playing well and Carr looks bad so far. Down 14-0 to 14-10 at the half, ok getting better.
  5. I'm probably about as big of a Gruden and Mayock backer as there is, but that's two 2020 third round picks that never played a down of football for the Raiders. Not good.
  6. This is going to make people's heads explode: KHALIL MACKLB, CHICAGO BEARS The Athletic's Vic Tafur reports the Raiders inquired about Khalil Mack's availability this offseason. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden reportedly "cried for three days" after trading the superstar pass rusher to Chicago in 2018 in exchange for a host of draft picks. With the Bears facing a salary cap crunch this spring, Vegas -- featuring one of the NFL's worst pass rushes -- checked in on the team's willingness to trade Mack back to the Silver and Black. The Bears rebuffed the Raiders, who eventually signed pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue. The Raiders didn't want to trade Mack, who forced the team's hand by holding out instead of playing on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal. Mack signed a six-year, $141 million contract extension with Chicago upon being traded. He'll be a free agent in 2025.
  7. These guys are getting plenty of practice reps in a more controlled setting with less chance of injury. In preseason games teams run pretty vanilla offensive and defensive schemes and they would not be seeing what they will be up against in the regular season anyway for the most part. I don't have a problem with whatever the coaches decide as far as preseason game playing time. I'd rather not see important players out there.
  8. Just finished watching game. Only a handful of starters played at all, but the first half was good. Philon was pretty impressive in the first half.
  9. I've always liked him. Underrated player that sometimes didn't receive the recognition he deserved because of the other big names on Seattle's defense. This would be a good get.
  10. McCoy has been signed. He might have a little juice left. Edit: Chad beat me to it.
  11. If Drake had COVID wouldn't he go on the reserve/COVID list? I think Drake is dealing with something else. I think the NFI list is for stuff like showing up to camp with frostbitten feet.
  12. Stop what? Russell Wilson gave four teams he was interested in being traded to. He didn't have to name the Raiders as one of them. Great QBs have plenty of teams that want them. These guys are choosing the Raiders as one of the teams they would play for, including Brady last year. You may be right about some of the things you say about Gruden, but saying any of the big name QBs need the Raiders for leverage is dead wrong.
  13. I don't have access to all the metrics or the want to try to figure all that out. My comment wasn't a knock on Carr. He was really good throwing deep last year. Seemed like the reason Mahomes was left off the list was that he was throwing to open receivers. I care more about if a guy is attempting and completing deep passes not about the amount of separation the receivers have. That would seem to be the most important thing to start with and should carry the most weight. I didn't think it was a very good piece. If I started writing counter articles to everything I read that I don't like I'd be unemployed.
  14. I read the piece. Carr did have a really good year and did throw deep well, but they cherry picked which analytics to use and there was some manipulation at work here. Mahomes didn't make the top 10 and Daniel Jones was #1. If you decide to write an article about the top 10 deep passers and the metrics you choose produce a list that leaves Mahomes out and has Daniel Jones at 1 you should probably re-examine the metrics you are using.
  15. I agree and I don't think it's a vast conspiracy, but I like to complain from time to time and the Raiders do get screwed a lot with the schedule. And don't get me started with stuff like the tuck rule game. I'm too young to be enraged about the immaculate reception, but I will never get over the tuck rule.
  16. Last year Raiders played the most 1 pm EST games of any west coast team in league history and I believe they traveled more miles than any team 2 or 3 years in a row. Just pointing out facts, which I know isn't really your thing.
  17. Raiders play 4 games on short rest this year - most in the NFL. Anyone surprised?
  18. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/aaron-rodgers-is-reportedly-intrigued-by-the-raiders-as-a-potential-landing-spot/
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