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  1. I too think he is better than James. I have been watching Jeopardy way back during Ken's run and I think Matt is the most knowledgeable champion. I also like that he quotes a specific dollar amount every time he hits a daily double (never says all in , bet it all, or make it a true daily double).
  2. First off, I have missed a few games in Matt's run, but of the times I have watched I haven't heard him say "make it a daily double" or "bet it all". He has always given his exact dollar amount. Almost seems intentional.
  3. wish we had a full stadium. then maybe we could hear the announcers.
  4. Totally agree with this. And try espousing a middle ground view on one of the more polarizing problems in our country (take your pick abortion or gun control) I've been called a left wing loonie or a right wing nut on both of theses issues depending on who I am talking to. My viewpoint on issues most always fall into the middle grey area. I think most moderates or middle area people don't want to expend the energy arguing with extremists from either side.
  5. Sorry I couldn't really pick a favorite. Biggest hit for sure was BOTW. Let' say my least favorite on this group is probably Cecelia. There were many good songs that missed the cut. how about : Leaves That Are Green; Baby Driver; April Come She Will; El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could); and just a fun song A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd into Submission). How about I leave it at that, and leave you with this set list from Aug 1966. -Anji CBS Holland -Richard Cory -Homeward Bound -Leaves That Are Green -I Am A Rock -A Most Peculiar Man -A Poem On The Under­ground Wall -He Was My Brother -The Sound Of Silence -Anji
  6. Even if we had to (God forbid) resort to cannibalism, we'd still need TP. 😁
  7. I think, the NFL needs to conduct an exhaustive and thorough investigation, just like and immediately after the AB investigation. Maybe combine them, AB was a Patriot and might know something. 😀
  8. Bad defense or not, maybe this will convince Zim that a balanced attack is best.
  9. 33 pts from Bell and Mayfield. Only 3pts per TD pass
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