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  1. I'll let you know if you can catch it from kissing your wife once my test result comes back.
  2. I saw on Facebook that the local beer distributor is open after being deemed essential, because they "have water and snacks".
  3. I just saw that Joe Diffie died from COVID. He was a pretty big country music star in the 90s. One of my favorites when I was into the Garth Brooks/Alan Jackson/Brooks & Dunn-led boom of the time. I'm sure it's not a big deal to most, but it was a time when I was in my teens and connecting with your parents isn't easy. But my Mom and I connected through country music. One of Joe Diffie's biggest hits was Prop Me Up Besides the Jukebox When I Die. Yeah, I know it's hoakie, but I hope someone propped him up.
  4. Trump has no inflection in his voice. No tone. He clearly has never read this before. Someone wrote it and he just reads it. I have a son in first grade and he understands the sentences that he is reading more than our president.
  5. Does anyone else thing of Jack Nicholson's Joker? "Who do you trust? Me or the Batman? I'm giving away free money. And where is the Batman? At home washing his tights!" (For the record, I think it's a wonderful idea)
  6. It's ice cream. I'll eat it for weeks, regardless. ETA: It says 7 days.
  7. PA here. Today I googled "how long is an ice cream cake good". Our son's 7th birthday is next Saturday and he REALLY wants and ice cream cake (I couldn't be more proud). Decided we better grab one today. We weighed if that's extreme vs. the chances that Dairy Queen suddenly shuts down this week. Figured it was best to play it on the safe side.
  8. Did that woman have a posterboard with a flowchart built in Powerpoint to demonstrate the website? Did the CEO of Walmart just speak to say that they're offering up their parking lots? What the #### is going on here???
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