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  1. I thought it was a very good finale and a quality season. Vince's career has bounced around and now it looks to be getting back on track. Can't wait to see how they do next season. Do you think they will skip right to Vince filming the Scorcese film?
  2. Does anyone know who the chick was that Vince was hanging with? Tall brunette. Very nice on the eyes.
  3. That was great! Turtle's Mom was hilarious. She is always busting his balls.
  4. I agree that the first few weeks of this show are always poor because there are too many people still in it. Although last night was particulary a snoozer. I sure hope it gets better.
  5. I like the episode a lot. Loved Ari's line..."The Jew is in the house and he doesn't like Germans."
  6. A little disappointed that they didn't address this.Seemed to me that they alluded to E selling the rights for the 1M/2M with Ed Norton and now they are going to still try and get Vince on as the brother.I agree. I thought it was a good episode. Some funny stuff in the desert.
  7. Good show last night. The storyline with E's career and Vince's career is going to be interesting. Can they both exist and be successful? I also felt that the episode was a bit short last night.
  8. It was a good ending. You knew as soon as Drama went up there something was going to happen. Another good episode. Ari's ##### slap was great!
  9. The show is about E. He is the star of entourage, not vince.Wrong ........ this show is about Ari. Always has been, always will. I totally agree and hopefully there are more scenes with his hot wife.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is intentional. They are showing how he's a fish out of water and trying to find his way into the business. The comment Vince made about E and Ari being twins was a dig at how E is starting to emulate all the things they hated about the business when they first started out. He's not tough. He doesn't have the experience. He doesn't have the clients. Dressing and acting tough when you're not is uncomfortable to watch.I disagree. Although he's small in size, he's always been portrayed as a "tough guy". Was it Drama or E that threw the first punch on Seth Green's crew?That
  11. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was saying the same thing. We know the others have makeup and wigs, so why not dress someone up to look like him. It's definitely a possibility.
  12. best mystery of the show. She is smoooooooooooooookin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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