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  1. They're guaranteed and the BluRay-type coating on the newer games makes them nearly scratchproof - not like the DVD coating.That's good. It's hard for me to forget my blockbuster days!
  2. I'm always wary of used games at that level. My first job in highschool was at blockbuster and the used games were in very bad condition.
  3. Haven't been on here in a while but must say my PS4 is the best purchase I made in a long time. Last of us is a must play and I'm hooked on fallout. Check out Amazon lightning deals all week. They tend to have many games for 50% off.
  4. I actually watched it 2 weeks ago. It was one of the strangest movies I've ever seen and I'm not sure if I liked it or not. It had some really good acting in it but the story was just very strange.
  5. I am pumped for The Show! 2k mlb games are not only awful but just not fun overall. One week in with my ps4 and I have to say I like it so much more than I thought I would. As a 360 user, I think I made the right choice with the ps4.
  6. I don't think you can understand how mad I am that my hotel room does not get AMC!
  7. I love that the most random stuff they have in the house. The lion in Adam's room is the same one I had as a kid. They had a multi-colored blanket on last nights episode that we used to have as well.
  8. I hate using this word but the show is cute. I really like it and hope it gets renewed.
  9. Thanks for this. I had a note to run through Wal-Mart next week to pick up furnace filters, but thanks to this reminder I just ordered a six-pack on Amazon with free shipping. Silly, but I always forget how many basic household items are available cheaply through Prime. I buy in bulk on Prime for so many household needs. It's same price if not cheaper than Costco and more convenient.
  10. He has an open invitation to do it whenever he feels like it. There might be more, there might not. Probably depends if goldbergs gets renewed? He needs Jeff garlin.
  11. Off topic but is Larry David officially done with curb? Never heard an official cancellation.
  12. I think this network is going to be gold for them. Maybe this truly becomes a disruptor for the current cable TV model?
  13. All Hell broke where I stopped reading last night. I wonder if they would be allowed to go there with Carl. Sorry don't want to say more as I respect not giving spoilers away.
  14. Any reason packing some herb might not be a good idea? It's not like flying is it?? Not the best idea. However if you do happen to safely sneak it on board, do not take it off the boat on the islands. If you get caught there, you're screwed.
  15. Fixed. Let's not go overboard. I would classify it as better than Olive Garden. Haha to each their own I guess. Its been about 12 years but I remember having a good steak dinner almost every night.
  16. I loved Skyrim but my one complaint was that I didn't know I beat the game until 6 days later! I still had some tasks that would always repeat. I wished they just had credits rolling!
  17. Have fun! Enjoy the food you'll have some amazing dinners! My three big tips are: 1) Don't sleep in. You have only a limited amount of time on each island. 2) Use sunscreen. The sun down there is much stronger and you can get sun poisoning quickly. 3) Buy the unlimited drink wrist band if offered.
  18. I re-watched the entire series with my son, and it's hilarious. Very dark humor. Yea it's really well written! I remember when it premiered one of my best friends didn't understand the humor in the show. His mom and Lois were basically the same person in regards to yelling and punishments. I kid you not, if he had told me his older brother was the creator of the show I'd believe him.
  19. I remember in high school watching pleasantville and being told that the whole movie was a take off from "The Scarlet Letter". My teacher ruined a movie I used to really like.
  20. I happened to watch a bunch of Malcolm in the middle episodes on netflix because I still can't get over great of an actor Bryan Cranston is. Also single camera family comedies are not as good as that show. I was surprised at the quality of many of the episodes.
  21. Almost done reading the second compendium. I wonder how close it will be with the show? Loved how first book and winter finale ended same way.
  22. As someone who doesn't smoke, I think it should be legalized for recreational use across the US. Honestly, just educate the kids on the effects of pot like they do with booze and cigarettes. Enough of the adult population smokes as it is, might as well stop them from breaking the law.
  23. I've also been very drink and extended a vacation. Wait til the hangover is over. If you cant spell drunk, you shouldn't use credit cards or facebook (as I've learned the hard way)
  24. I forgot how I couldn't stop playing Skyrim last year. I wanted to buy the DLC story but I had to stop playing for my own well being!
  25. I'll play Mario 3 any day over a new XBOX game. I do have to get Ducktales as that game was so much better than it had any right to be. I'll also download Ninja Turtles 1 and 2 if it is ever available.
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