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  1. Thanks for posting that. I've kept the link open planning to try it at some point, even bought some of the Jiffy mix for it but just hadn't tried it yet thanks to dieting. I'll try with less water then, don't have any flour either. Here's the link
  2. Agree that would be nicer. I'd suggest the problem is a combination how much of the screen it covers, and that it won't go away until you move the mouse out of it. Which since it can fill the entire browser with even small amounts of browser zoom becomes a frustration. Compare with ESPN's NFL page. The Teams menu auto-expands, but even at browser 150% zoom on a laptop it only fills 1/3 of the browser area and has free space around it on 3 sides that make it go away. It's easy enough to just flick the mouse randomly and it'll leave the expanded Teams menu so it goes away, to where you do it unconsciously so it never really bothers you. On FBG, the Tools menu fills much of the screen including the full width. With 125% zoom it fills the entire rest of the browser on my laptop. So there is nowhere to just flit my mouse around to make it go away like I can on ESPN. Now I have to consciously aim for a spot at the top of the browser to make it go away, so it registers as an annoyance. And after I've moved my mouse up and made it go away, sometimes I hit it again on the way back which just ramps up the annoyance. Have to click to open might be the best improvement if it's going to take up more than a small section of the screen.
  3. Ancient man believing in Poseidon makes more sense to me now (sound on)
  4. Kind of like bubble wrap, hard to stop at just one
  5. And that deal is contractually binding. It's the law.
  6. DT Vincent Taylor out for 6+ weeks with ankle surgery. Probably one of the deeper spots on the team overall, interested to see what guys like Lopez might do with more opportunities.
  7. Do you mean "plays" instead of "carries"? For carries, Ingram had 26, Lindsay 8 and David Johnson 3. I'm not sure if they had equal amounts of plays or not, but it's probably a lot closer than carries.
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