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  1. Just like The Gator said, they fan out pretty easily. The reality is I only use the top 3 regularly and I can poke them right out pretty much blindfolded. I fan out more and search when I need a lesser used card. Easier than tug of war with a leather wallet.
  2. My standard recipe is Maple Brown Sugar. I just add Maple syrup to the cure. Pork Belly (5.38) 8 teaspoons kosher 8 teaspoons black pepper 5.5 teaspoons dark brown sugar 1 cup good quality maple syrup 1.25 cups distilled water 1 teaspoon Prague Powder #1 (Follow calculator at Amazingribs.com based on size of belly.) Soak 3-4 days turning each day Smoke at 225 or less until 150 internal.
  3. Gonna need to know how you eat this. I've got about 50 of them coming ripe. I've tried drying them and tried eating them fresh both green and ripe. Meh, at best. Trying ripe dusted with sofrito tomorrow.
  4. ESPN+ has been nice this year to catch a couple UH games that I otherwise had no chance of seeing.
  5. Gonna need more details here. I've got ESPN+ and a raging case of insomnia. Just need to know what the Indian Super League is and how to bet on it.
  6. Great points. Here's my OG Kickstarter Ridge (at least 7 years old) with 14 cards in it, fresh from my front pocket. Yeah, I've managed to Costanza a Ridge. But, realistically it's hard to imagine any wallet handling that many cards more elegantly. Plus a little old school cash for sentimental value. I have to admit, it sucks at holding my BTC. Old Ridge Money Shot
  7. I have only ever used the clip and I love it. When I backed it on Kickstarter it was cheaper for sure. But, knowing what I know now, it is well worth the current $75 price. I would not spend more for titanium or the other exotic finishes. Mine is aluminum and has been great for I guess 6 or 7 years now.
  8. I'm hippling a bit here but this also opens up the job market to folks who just couldn't or wouldn't commute or come into an office. Specifically older folks or folks with medical issues. It probably even pushes out retirement for some.
  9. I make my own very regularly and agree it is easy and always turns out great. It is much easier now that I have a pellet smoker with good temp control. Holding low temps for long enough on my reverse flow stick burner was a challenge. I would do some reading on amazingribs.com on the science of meat curing to get recipe ideas and get a good understanding of the curing process. The curing salt quantity per recipe is not linear to the pounds of meat in all cases and a lot of folks don't realize that.
  10. I've had this wallet since they were on Kickstarter several years ago. Absolutely fantastic. Can't recommend it enough. I have the OG aluminum with money clip. Lots of fancy options now. https://www.ridgewallet.com
  11. That looks awesome. But hey, be careful, there's some ugly bastard creeping in your bathroom taking pictures.
  12. I had this precise experience replacing my upstairs water heater last year. I think I even posted the pipe sculpture here.
  13. @[icon]I forgot one ingredient. Add some sliced lemons to the throat and belly cavity. Helps keep it moist while roasting. Like this.
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