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  1. Hmmm...coincidence that Neslon makes an appearance this fine evening?
  2. Brantley is a professional hitter. He just gets it done, and is super consistent and low key. His father is a hitting coach.
  3. Yes, you should get an email that the order banks are open on or before 10.26 if you are a reservation holder. Then you can configure the truck online, pay the deposit, and finalize the order with the dealer.
  4. Order banks opening up on 10.26 for the Lightning. I got to take a ride in one a couple weeks ago and was blown away. Crazy fast off the line as expected for an EV, but the handling of it is just nuts. With all the weight down low it feels like a roller coaster. Huge frunk, AWD standard, independent suspension for great ride, and powerwall option put it over the top for me. I'm in. Anyone else?
  5. Maybe find a sport to participate in regularly that will keep you active? I know I find competition to be motivating rather than exercise for the sake of exercise.
  6. Not to an old school 'stros fan. AL is still strange.
  7. One evil empire down, one to go. Tonight, I'm a Cardinals fan.
  8. Frenetic week of pickleball and good diet. Pretty worn out with 1 more day to go then I take a couple days off from pickleball and have a much needed cheat day. Down 35 pounds at this point and basically at the weight I was at in 2004 when I first thought I had gotten really fat. Nevertheless, feeling pretty good about the progress and heading in the right direction.
  9. The Graveman-Toro trade is one that early on seems to have worked out well for both teams.
  10. I made the mistake of setting up an Alexa routine (or maybe blueprint?) that interrupts the TV or music and plays over our downstairs speakers at 10:30 each night that tells us to go to bed and then plays about 30 seconds of "Closing Time". 30 minutes later she speaks another snarky reminder. It was funny and effective at first but now drives me bat#### crazy and I can't remember how to stop it. But it does get me to go to bed at a decent hour.
  11. Thankfully this is a problem that will solve itself over the next 20 years as we move to electric vehicles.
  12. It's not too late To WIP it WIP it good. Sorry, that's all I've got.
  13. Decent price for the Full Proof.
  14. Huh. You fellers are much more humble and introspective than I would have guessed. And I feel the same way. Dreams are for suckers. I'm very lucky to have stumbled into a career I enjoy.
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