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  1. Ahhhh...that makes sense. I didn't realize they were making a fullsize Bronco. Hopefully they do better with that one.
  2. And it appears our local dealer has plenty in stock. https://www.mullinaxfordnsb.com/new-inventory/index.htm?search=&model=Bronco+Sport
  3. Huh. I've seen a couple of them rolling down our street. I live on the local scenic drive in a tourist town though so every tourist in the area comes through.
  4. And I assume because of this they also use up brake pads much slower?
  5. I have been as well. I actually have a pretty low number so keeping my fingers crossed. I agree on the regular electric Ford not being close in spec but my hope is the Lightning will be closer.
  6. A couple comments from experience. 1) Make sure you anchor the shelves really well. Situating it so you can line up the brackets with your wall studs is important. And use strong brackets! All that liquor gets very heavy. 2) Glass is a pain to keep clean. I would avoid it for shelving. The bottles will have to be dusted a few times a year but no getting around that. 3) Make sure you make the space between the shelves and/or ceiling at least 14" to accommodate tall bottles. I erred and made my top shelf only 12" to the ceiling so some of my "top shelf" bottles have to reside
  7. At the highest end I would look at models by Yoder, MAK, Fast Eddy's by Cookshack, and Memphis. Still higher end but closer to mid-tier I would look at RecTeq RT700, Grilla, Camp Chef, and maybe some of the more regional choices like Pitts & Spitts. I chose the RT700 mostly because of the heavy duty and predominantly SS construction, their PID controller, big pellet capacity, and the availability of a bolt on coldsmoker and heavy duty base. I have not been dissapointed.
  8. Get big, meaty, choice grade or higher. They take a while but not as long as brisket. Tough usually means poor meat to start with or not smoked long enough.
  9. Has "bougie" been mentioned? Pretty sure I saw Joe use that in an email the other day.
  10. This is a super exaggerated story that misuses the term "salary". That 14k per week is an outlier top line number paid to an O/O, an independent contractor. That means expenses come out of that. It isn't an income number. But, the truck driver shortage is real and truck drivers are making very good money if they can operate safely and are willing to work. But that has been true for a number of years now. It is exacerbated in certain industries right now that laid off during Covid due to no freight moving, like fuel haulers. The same truckers are still driving, they just don't want to go
  11. Not exactly. Only one kind of pool chlorine, trichlor tablets is in short supply. Bleach and cal-hypo are readily available.
  12. That Bronco turned out to be significantly less than impressive in person. No way @Otisspends his hard earned money on that.
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