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  1. Haven't posted here much, but have followed and used for inspiration. I appreciate all the posts and figure I'll contribute a bit. Down 30 pounds so far since 04.15 and that's with a 30 day road trip thrown in and some other Holidays. Been eating healthy and keeping the calories down during the week with no alcohol and I play a couple hours of competitive Pickleball each night. Only drink on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday. Saturday is the cheat day and the only day I drink beer. That may not sound like much, but post COVID where I was boozing it up every day and learning to cook and look like Prudhomme in his prime it's a pretty big step.
  2. Simple. Just go buy a fresh whole fish of the appropriate size at the local seafood market. Ask for it scaled, gilled, and gutted. Score the outside and coat with a little olive oil and S & P. Stuff the cavity with some lemon slices, onions, and a bit of fresh dill. Roast in the oven at 400 F for an hour to hour and a half or until the meat is flaky. Serve it whole and let the guests pick at it with some simple sides and appetizers. They'll likely never have better fish in their lives and you'll be the hero. For bonus points make some fresh tortillas and chop up some onions, jalapeno, and cilantro and let them make tacos. If your friends are a little floofy then make some slaw.
  3. Wow. These stories make me feel like a FF newb all over again. And they also sound like way more work than I'm interested in.
  4. I'm a big fan of Simplisafe and have had their system for a long time. I'm now on my 2nd generation of hardware and it all works great and is very simple, including the cams. I'm also a big fan of the Wyze systems but I have never used their monitoring other than camera cloud recording.
  5. Have you had Jai Low? That's the only one of the low call IPA's that I really enjoy but I'll give this one a shot as well. Still have some Slightly Mighty and Half Hearted in the fridge...not a huge fan of those, The half hearted is better of the two though.
  6. That's not a problem. You can finish in an oven. Frankly, that far into a cook it won't take on any more smoke flavor anyway.
  7. Pull off the pit and double bag in food safe plastic bags and then plunge cool in icewater to get the temp down quickly. Then reheat as Joe said. OR I would consider pulling it a couple hours before finished and then finish the cook the day you are serving. It will take a little longer to finish than it would have initially because you have to get it back up to temp but it will result in better BBQ than finished and reheated. I bet you can't even tell the difference.
  8. Wow. I recognize that intersection. It's in Luling, TX.
  9. I would not be comfortable towing that boat any distance with a Tacoma. Neighborhood only. I would tow it with a 1/2 ton.
  10. Loving this thread. Just used up the last of my chiles from the ristra we bought in Hatch last fall. The good news is we're planning to head that way and pick up a couple bags this October.
  11. That sounds absurd for a 6500 pound lift. But exactly what kind of lift are we talking about? I had a dual motor 10000# sling lift with remote installed for $8650 in 2016. Granted, that was 5 years ago but still...
  12. kneeboard, stumps, gators...the better question might be "what aren't you hitting?"🤪 '
  13. I used to enjoy it as well. I was getting tired of it prior to Covid and not having to do it over the last 18 months has really spoiled me.
  14. Back at it but significantly reduced compared to what it was. And frankly, I hate every minute of it. Adding a mask to the whole airport schlep routine is no way to live. I am actively trying to limit my air travel as much as I can. Really enjoying road trips again though.
  15. Raw. I typically use a lot. And yes, use a good local honey. None of that might as well be Karo stuff.
  16. I order from hatch-green-chile.com. Expensive compared to buying local, but worth every penny. This I can help with. I call it "Green Monster". Add roasted chiles, a few cloves of garlic, and some honey. Maybe a bit of salt. Adjust ingredients to taste and beat it up good in the Vitamix until it looks like green lacquer. Apply liberally to smoked, then fried wings.
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