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  1. JD is an idiot but I don't like how Shan manipulated him, for the second time. She uses the guilt trip and he just hands over his advantage, for the second time. He's a kid and wants her to like him but he claims to be the ultimate survivor fan and knows the game better than everyone and so on. Classic manipulation and she just used him as well as anyone has been used on that show before. Would like to think that Jedi mind BS wouldn't work on some of the older players. Good on her, I guess.
  2. That is great. Even looks Robin. Movie in the making?
  3. Panthers tried to sign Jaylon Smith before he signed with Packers Would have been a good addition and another indication the front office wants to win now. It would be nice if we looked at the offensive side of the ball at, say, offensive line. Trade deadline approaching, wonder if a move is made. Wanting to win now is great but not sure we can win now with Sam Darnold. Upgrading the OL to help protect is a step in the right direction but can he lead the team through a playoff run? Not sure. Wonder if Tepper still has any feelings to go after Watson.
  4. Didn't get any daily doubles and missed FJ. Surely that was a first for him. Look forward to seeing him back in tourney of champions.
  5. Tough game to watch there. Did someone switch our Sam with the one that played in NY? Someone must've told Darnold to start throwing to Robby Anderson after weeks of chemistry with DJ. So now he's trying to force the ball to Anderson. Though Robby should have had that first down catch. When you're playing a running/mobile QB, someone might need to account for him on the zone read. Should not have lost that game. I imagine Sam's honeymoon is over... 5 picks in last 2 games.
  6. Alliances doesn't mean anything anymore when it comes to sharing information. You just can't because everyone wants to play multiple angles with multiple alliances. Then they get mad/emotional when you don't tell them everything that's going on. They make you feel bad because you haven't disclosed your entire game to them. Then when you do disclose, she goes and tells everyone else. "I lost your trust, shame on you... so cave and tell me so I can go to other people and let them know too." Darned if you do, darned if you don't.
  7. I like the twists in the new game play but are they going too far with all the lose-a-vote/steal-a-vote stuff? You can steal a vote but only if you can vote yourself... you have an idol but can't use it until two other people find the same clue, and also, until that time, you can't vote at TC. Seems to be handcuffing players and making TC less dramatic. Brad was essentially screwed since he couldn't vote, even though he supposedly had 2 advantages. He couldn't vote because of one situation, but why couldn't he still use his steal-a-vote?
  8. Cheap acquisition. Excellent if he can get back on the field and play near his old self. Eligible to return off IR week 7. Veteran help for a solid defense and will help take pressure off of CJ Henderson during his development. I bet the Bucs are mad today. Shows that Tepper, GM and Rhule are actively trying to improve. Welcome home (close to home), Stephon!
  9. Panthers acquire Stephon Gilmore The Panthers traded for the veteran cornerback Wednesday, sending a 2023 sixth-rounder to New England.
  10. Good showing this week. Couple of lapses here and there in decision-making but Darnold played well overall, imo. He's faster than I thought and was able to scramble out of the pocket for first downs effectively. Pass rush caught up with him in the second half. Wasn't Rhule's best game in terms of managing time outs in the second half. Shaq Thompson is playing LB at an elite level right now. Chuba and Freeman played well. DJ is fantastic. 3-1, let's go!
  11. Tiffany's argument that, "but wait, I know he doesn't have an idol but IF he has an idol by some chance then I'm going home! we as a group just can't have that. So, the best move is to axe Voce so that, you know, I can be safe. That's what's important here, girls... that I remain SAFE... because ME ME, ME... me. I'm hungry." I hope they don't swap or merge and that tribe gets dominated out of challenges til no one is left.
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