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  1. He said in his Panthers interview that he was also coming off groin surgery.
  2. Who knows? It seems like Tepper was happy with how the draft went. I'm certain they wanted to trade the 8th pick (they tried to trade every pick) but no takers. I read that after this draft, the Panthers are now the youngest team in the NFL. And that's including a 25 year old rookie OT. Don't know how accurate that is but it seems not too long ago we were getting long in the tooth. I'm sure the new GM will get plenty of time to develop the team.
  3. I see him less as a TE and more of an H-back or full back who can do many things, including special teams. Dan Arnold is the new TE. I'm curious to see how Brady plans to use Tremble. Chuba's production fell off last year but he had injuries, including groin surgery. In his interview, he said he was fully healthy now.
  4. UDFA list so far: Paddy Fisher, LB, (Northwestern) Oscar Draguicevich III, P (Washington State) David Moore, OG (Grambling State) Mason Stokke, FB (Wisconsin) Spencer Brown, RB (UAB) Peyton Ramsey, QB (Northwestern)
  5. I didn't care much for all the trade backs at the time and felt we missed out on some better offensive linemen, but I do think we got some value picks in Daviyon Nixon and especially Deonte Brown (6th round). Hopefully Christensen pans out but I think Brown will be a starter sooner than later.
  6. It won't be 50/50 but I can see Hubbard rotating in and also can see formations with both he and CMC in the backfield.
  7. Shi is a tough competitor. Reminds me a little of another Panther that was about his same size not too long ago. Steve Smith.
  8. More trades. Chuba Hubbard is intriguing. Hope he's back to 100%. And we got a long snapper!
  9. They trade the 2nd round pick to the Bears who then drafts T. Jenkins, OT. I'd rather have just drafted the OT there. Then 4 more OT go off the board in the next 10 or so picks. But hey, at least we snagged another 6th round pick.
  10. Horn may not have been there in that trade scenario but we could have drafted Slater and another need in the first and had another added pick. I'd rather have Slater and someone like Campbell (UGA) or A. Samuels (FSU) later on. Regardless, I really hope Horn turns out a great pick. And hopefully we still find a decent OT today.
  11. I do like Horn but believe there were better options at #8. I had Surtain as the top CB and the one CB taken in the top 10. Had Horn as #2 and thought he'd be taken in the 11-14 range. Hoped that if we drafted Horn it meant that we traded back to, say, 12 or 13 and we'd be able to get Horn and another pick later. Guess Rhule really liked what he saw at the Senior Bowl week in Horn. As Desert_Power mentioned above, Horn is very talented and has the ability to play press coverage. I do think he'll be a day one starter on an improved defense. But we need OL help and Slater was right there.
  12. I hope they can coach him up too. Thought we should have grabbed Slater at 8 given how things panned out.
  13. Jaycee Horn. Good pick but thought it would be Slater there. Defense is improving. Day one starter.
  14. College Gameday crew for me. NFL Network is fine too, I like Rich Eisen. L. Riddick is fine but those other 3 on ESPN are unbearable.
  15. Bank of America Stadium transitioning to artificial turf before Carolina Panthers' 2021 season Okay
  16. Teddy traded to Denver for a sixth round pick this year, number 191 overall.
  17. It seems hard to see a scenario where they botch this pick. If they can trade for a good pick package, great. If the QBs are gone before 8... lots of talent on the board to choose from. Pick of the litter at OT, CB, TE, LB.
  18. I'm ok with a trade down but they won't get the type of haul that Miami got from SF. Most of the talk is about NE moving up but I can see Chicago moving up and offering more than NE for one of the QBs. If Lance and/or Fields is available at 8, it puts the Panthers in a nice position. Could get very interesting tonight.
  19. JAX: Trevor Lawrence NYJ: Zach Wilson SF: Mac Jones ATL: Kyle Pitts CIN: Ja'Marr Chase MIA: Penei Sewell DEN (From DET): Trey Lance NE (From CAR): Justin Fields DET (From DEN): Rashawn Slater DAL: Patrick Surtain
  20. If they keep the 8th pick, I still lean to getting one of the two OT. Give Darnold a chance and some protection. If not OT then Pitts if there, but we need offensive line help. If defense, Surtain. If they trade back for picks, hopefully they can get someone like J. Horn later in the 1st. One interesting scenario I heard was them trading the 8th to NE for a pick package to include Stephon Gilmore. Doubt NE would do that but who knows? Gilmore is up for extension soon and his price will certainly go up. Heard he was only making 7M per. Not sure the Panthers would go for it. He's still one of the best CBs in the league. Just don't see them drafting a QB with Darnold... but having two young QBs to compete (or the rookie sit a year or two) might not be a bad thing, if one of them pans out. Not sure who I like better, Lance or Fields. If they stick with the 8th and select the OT, that will be a fine start.
  21. Isn't the cool beens guy from India? Or he has ties there? Wonder if he thinks about reaching out to the medical community there about the wonder drug. The conditions in that country are dire and getting worse by the day.
  22. I have two friends that are begging to go back into the office, two separate career fields. One just loves social interaction, like you describe. The other says he just can't get anything done at home when the kids and the wife are home. Dog barking, kids (teens) always asking about something or otherwise bothering him... wife's to-do list. The first guy has no kids still at home. I suppose he's lonely. My kids have their own families now and my wife stays at home but she doesn't bother me in the office. Lots of reasons why I like WFH, but one of the chief reasons is it allows me flexibility to get things done (mow lawn, mess with the pool, etc.) around the house.
  23. I have WFH for the last 6 years and have no interest in going back into any type of office environment. But I know several people who miss the social aspect of the work place. Many of them hate WFH for various reasons. I'm sure some want to get back to normal and some will want to stay WFH. Personally, I don't anticipate going back as I'm fairly close to second retirement. Agree it should be interesting how things play out with employers.
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