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  1. I hope they can coach him up too. Thought we should have grabbed Slater at 8 given how things panned out.
  2. Jaycee Horn. Good pick but thought it would be Slater there. Defense is improving. Day one starter.
  3. College Gameday crew for me. NFL Network is fine too, I like Rich Eisen. L. Riddick is fine but those other 3 on ESPN are unbearable.
  4. Bank of America Stadium transitioning to artificial turf before Carolina Panthers' 2021 season Okay
  5. Teddy traded to Denver for a sixth round pick this year, number 191 overall.
  6. It seems hard to see a scenario where they botch this pick. If they can trade for a good pick package, great. If the QBs are gone before 8... lots of talent on the board to choose from. Pick of the litter at OT, CB, TE, LB.
  7. I'm ok with a trade down but they won't get the type of haul that Miami got from SF. Most of the talk is about NE moving up but I can see Chicago moving up and offering more than NE for one of the QBs. If Lance and/or Fields is available at 8, it puts the Panthers in a nice position. Could get very interesting tonight.
  8. JAX: Trevor Lawrence NYJ: Zach Wilson SF: Mac Jones ATL: Kyle Pitts CIN: Ja'Marr Chase MIA: Penei Sewell DEN (From DET): Trey Lance NE (From CAR): Justin Fields DET (From DEN): Rashawn Slater DAL: Patrick Surtain
  9. If they keep the 8th pick, I still lean to getting one of the two OT. Give Darnold a chance and some protection. If not OT then Pitts if there, but we need offensive line help. If defense, Surtain. If they trade back for picks, hopefully they can get someone like J. Horn later in the 1st. One interesting scenario I heard was them trading the 8th to NE for a pick package to include Stephon Gilmore. Doubt NE would do that but who knows? Gilmore is up for extension soon and his price will certainly go up. Heard he was only making 7M per. Not sure the Panthers would go for it. He's still one of the best CBs in the league. Just don't see them drafting a QB with Darnold... but having two young QBs to compete (or the rookie sit a year or two) might not be a bad thing, if one of them pans out. Not sure who I like better, Lance or Fields. If they stick with the 8th and select the OT, that will be a fine start.
  10. Isn't the cool beens guy from India? Or he has ties there? Wonder if he thinks about reaching out to the medical community there about the wonder drug. The conditions in that country are dire and getting worse by the day.
  11. I have two friends that are begging to go back into the office, two separate career fields. One just loves social interaction, like you describe. The other says he just can't get anything done at home when the kids and the wife are home. Dog barking, kids (teens) always asking about something or otherwise bothering him... wife's to-do list. The first guy has no kids still at home. I suppose he's lonely. My kids have their own families now and my wife stays at home but she doesn't bother me in the office. Lots of reasons why I like WFH, but one of the chief reasons is it allows me flexibility to get things done (mow lawn, mess with the pool, etc.) around the house.
  12. I have WFH for the last 6 years and have no interest in going back into any type of office environment. But I know several people who miss the social aspect of the work place. Many of them hate WFH for various reasons. I'm sure some want to get back to normal and some will want to stay WFH. Personally, I don't anticipate going back as I'm fairly close to second retirement. Agree it should be interesting how things play out with employers.
  13. There is no outrage for black on black crimes or white on white crimes. The young girl who was shot in her car seat at the McDonald's drive-thru... gang violence cross-fire. No protests, no marches. She doesn't get to be Martyred like the others who died at the hands of police. They weren't in a drive-thru. They were involved in various crimes or otherwise there would be no reason for police to be involved. Martyrdom is reserved for those people... the true victims. Maxene Waters will not speak out to condemn senseless deaths like that young girl in the car. Nor will Biden or Harris in nationally aired speeches. Because it doesn't fit the narrative. BLM but only in certain situations.
  14. The police officer was in a no win position. He took the shot and potentially saved a young woman's life... he is criticized. If he doesn't intervene (which he was called there to do) and the woman is stabbed (maybe fatally), he is criticized. Not sure why anyone would want to be a cop in this country these days but God bless them.
  15. Reminds me of when Kramer was fired from a job when he didn't even work there.
  16. Agree, Cooper is very good at this. Seems to come naturally to him.
  17. Agree that it's picking knits. Trevor is level headed and mature for his age. He's also very competitive. During the spring game last year (after the LSU loss) he was upset that his team didn't win the scrimmage. He only played most of the first half and he wanted to go back in for the last part of the second half because his side had lost the lead. Dabo wouldn't let him. Expectations are extremely high given the success of other rookie QBs in recent years, but I believe his fan base will be very happy with what they have.
  18. I wanted to like Aaron. Just no personality there.
  19. It wasn't run into the ground. We did seem to lose some Panther fans, not sure why that is... or just the posting frequency slowed down. Haven't heard from NCCommish in a long time. Hope he is doing well.
  20. I am team Negan as Maggie has soured for me over the last few seasons. I also hope they don't kiss and make up. I imagine he'll end up saving her son or something, but honestly, I'd like to see them go at it. He can take out half the cast too, as far as I'm concerned.
  21. He named the bat Lucille as a way of, as he put it, fight her battles for her. The world dealt her a ####ty hand and he carried the guilt and shame for what he did to her all those years after her death. Knocking heads with that bat was his way of allowing Lucille to be a part of his way of getting back at the world. Still, he carried the shame but being bad ### Negan was a sort of mask to front how he felt about himself. He never got to say goodbye to his wife. She killed herself the day he left the house. Even in the cell at Alexandria, when the Negan persona was defeated (for lack of a better word), he was obsessed with them telling him where "Lucille" was. So it's about closure, imo. Breaking the bat on the lone walker told him Lucille (symbolic as the bat) had fulfilled its role and now he can let it go. The shroud/cloth he used to cover the bat was him finally burying his wife. He found her and was finally able to say goodbye and have closure. He puts it in the fire and goes back to Alexandria with, finally, a clear conscience about his wife. His smirk at Maggie, IMO, was his way of telling her if she wants to continue her hatred and kill him, she better bring her lunch because he isn't going to make it easy for her.
  22. I had the Pfizer. No side effects, just a slightly sore injection site that lasted just one day. Have a few friends that got the Moderna shot and they had varying levels of sickness. Upset stomach, headaches, chills, extreme tiredness. Said it lasted a couple of days. My daughter is a teacher and her school got the Moderna. Didn't have sickness but her arm had a weird red circle around the injection site (several inches in diameter like the size of an apple), irritation. It turned into a bruise type area in terms of color. Said it hurt, but it could be an outlier. I wouldn't be against getting either vaccine but sort of glad I got the Pfizer.
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