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  1. So sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to his family. He will be missed.
  2. CFB is getting like women's basketball in terms of the haves and have nots. Alabama is essentially UCONN. There are other contenders but none really outside that circle of teams that consistently have the top recruiting classes. All the top girls wanted to go to UCONN and all the top guys want to go to the top teams. Nothing wrong with that but if people want parity... who knows a good solution? Add the evolution of the transfer portal and it's become a form of free agency where the rich often get richer (e.g. OSU with Fields) Saban has been fantastic with Alabama and deserves all the praise he receives, but when you get top choices of the best players in the country every season... you always have a good hand to play to start the season. How do good teams like Cincy compete? They don't. They can't. Power conferences like the SEC have bottom feeders just like any other conference. They're making money off just being in that conference so, at least, they're content from that perspective. But how are teams like Vanderbilt, UK, OMiss, Miss St and South Carolina supposed to compete with the elite? Be happy with their conference check, I suppose.
  3. I've expressed my opinion here a few times that I don't think Teddy is a franchise QB that can take a team deep into the playoffs. Good backup but just doesn't seem the guy. If we're in a building mode then his current contract is fine but I don't want to extend or give him anything larger.
  4. I'm a little surprised at the interest in Brady for a potential HC job. Seems soon as he's just getting his feet wet at the NFL OC role.
  5. Need a 2021 title update. So, forgettable season. Thankfully CMC didn't use a lot of tire tread and should be ready to go. Defense improved this season. Chinn and Brown had nice rookie seasons. Can't believe Chinn didn't make the final list of rookie of the year candidates. Bridgewater is a fine backup QB but can he take the team to the SB? I don't see it. 8th pick... we have several needs but OL, CB... QB I like Surtain, Pitts and offensive linemen. Surtain could be that lock down CB we need and seemingly a good, safe pick. Pitts at TE could be a game changing matchup nightmare. Could a QB fall to 8? Is there a scenario where you'd want to trade up?
  6. Texans can have Carolina's #8 pick, Bridgewater, and a couple of future picks for Watson.
  7. And if Rodgers is that great in golf where he makes a hole in one with driver... why isn't he better in Pro Ams like Tahoe or Pebble Beach? pfffft. I call BS.
  8. "If you printed out directions to get here today, you're in the right place."
  9. Congrats to Ohio State for a masterful performance. Clemson was outplayed and out coached all night long. One of the most gutsy performances I can remember seeing from Fields. Just a stellar game. All along I thought it was the offensive coordinator that was out due to covid protocols. Turns out it was Venables that was missing. I was upset with Swinney with all the extra motivation he provided the last couple of weeks. OSU made the most of the opportunity. Clemson would have been torched more trying to guard the Alabama wideouts. All season the O-line has been a glaring weak spot, along with the defensive backfield vs top WR. You can win on talent vs many weaker teams but it gets exploited in the playoff vs elite teams. Talent is there but they are so young. I look forward to another strong game in the finals. Should be high scoring for sure.
  10. New Hope Empire Rogue One Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Sith Last Jedi Force Awakens Haven't seen Mandelorian but want to. Didn't care as much for the other trilogy movies. Haven't seen Solo.
  11. Same for me. My mom took me to see this originally when I was 12 (summer of 77). It was a matinee with not a lot of people in the theater. We were slightly late as I had a doctor's appt that morning. We came in just after Vader came aboard the original ship for the plans. We loved it so much she insisted we stay for the next viewing just so we could see the beginning. She knew I loved it so much we ended up watching it twice through. She passed away 2 years later with complications from diabetes. That movie was one of my fondest memories with her. I have 3 other siblings so time alone like that was a great day. Had pizza afterwards. Love that movie.
  12. Not sure. I just thought they were practicing social distancing while in the store.
  13. Big10 covid policy of 21 days to be changed to make sure team will be at full strength? But of course. Should go ahead and stop testing altogether. Someone pops positive? No problem, just don't report it if there are no symptoms. It's the year of adjustments. Do what it takes!
  14. Link to pic Something caused his head/helmet to snap that far to the right.
  15. Yeah, I don't know that it was. I was just surprised it wasn't even reviewed or talked about.
  16. Was surprised they didn't at least mention if it was targeting or not. Looked like helmet to the facemask. May not have been but it wasn't even discussed. Thought that was a little surprising.
  17. Same here. We never had our kids sleep with us unless on the rare occasions as mentioned in the OP. But our 3 year old grandson asks if he can sleep with us when we visit his house. When he's at our house he sleeps in his room on his own bed. I think it's fine and I'm sure he'll stop asking once he gets older. Most times now at their house I sleep in his room and he sleeps with his grandma. Other times he doesn't ask and he sleeps in his own bed.
  18. Apparently we all haven't seen it or else I wouldn't be asking for a link. I remember the water bottles and batteries being thrown at Williams Brice. Lots of frustrated fans in Columbia... for good reason. My son in law is a huge gamecock fan and my daughter is a huge tiger fan. Their household used to get crazy during football season. They've gotten better the last couple of years. He has season tickets and she will go to a game or two with him each year (even this year), and when she does she wears, begrudgingly, garnet and black. His tailgate friends know she's a Clemson fan but she's a trooper and they don't give her a lot of flack for it. He hates Clemson but respects their success the last several years. He understands how recruiting affects success and wishes Carolina could win some of those battles with in-state/regional recruiting. It's hard for Carolina to compete in the east, let alone the conference. Hopefully Beamer can build something there.
  19. Do you have a link where he did this? I'd be surprised if true. Still, everyone is human and humans are capable of worse things than uttering some words in the heat of a moment. Still, it wouldn't be a good look for him.
  20. People hate him because he has faith in God and doesn't mind sharing it? Seems odd to hate because of something like that.
  21. I think this may be more of an age thing. He is a goober and shares his feelings sometimes but I would expect him to settle it down as he gets older and wiser. He isn't the only one who shared feelings about FSU or OSU (Mullen threw a few shots at OSU this past weekend).
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