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  1. Speaking of odd deaths. UNCC 49er/NBA draft pick Galen Young Family and friends across the Mid-South are remembering Galen Young, a high school and professional basketball standout who was killed when a car crashed into a home in southwest Memphis. Memphis police say a car crashed into a home on Horn Lake Road early Saturday morning, striking and killing the 45-year-old Young, who was inside.
  2. And the Seahawks won the division just last year. And the Rams went to the super bowl the year before. 2021 is a different year. You know what they say about opinions. 😄
  3. Given what we know about free agency and the draft now, what do you all think we have to see from Tua this year? Can he afford to take small step forward, or does he need to jump right into the Herbert/Burrow comparison levels? Is there a stat line? 3000 yards? 30 TDs? 3-1 TD:Int ratio? Is he going to be measured by team wins? Playoffs or bust?
  4. I think they are the 4th best team in that division to start with. If Lance is forced to play and is bad, they won't be close to the other 3. Maybe they have an easy rest of schedule, I didn't look. But they should finish behind the other 3 NFCW teams. Around 500 is likely, but like I said if they are forced to Lance early and he is bad (not ready), I could see a 5-12 team. Not probable, but could happen.
  5. Dolphins: B Should have taken Sewell at 6 as the surest bet. But if they really wanted the WR, they had to trade up. Hindsight shows the Big 3 WRs were going at 5, 6, and 11, so we would have to trade up just like Philly did. And that would have been for Smith only, who was clearly a step below Waddle and Chase in the Dolphins (and others) draft board. Following the logic, it is clear Miami traded up with the idea that Pitts/Chase/Waddle would be their target at 6 and one of the 3 would be there. I am not sure they really scouted Sewell as I suspected when they traded they expected Se
  6. They would have to stay at #12 to keep both picks next year (not draft at #3). I don't think Pitts at 12 was an option even before he started getting the hype. Assuming Philly drafts a WR at 6 (Waddle), likely have to do the trade to 10 to even get Smith as NYG would grab him at 11. I presume Miami had Pitts/Chase/Waddle as the 3 candidates to take at #6 when they made the trade back up.
  7. If you are going, best check in advance what type of birth certificate will be accepted. Did mine on second try after getting hit with my birth certificate was not good enough on the first try. Not sure if every state is as anal about it as my DMV was, my BC was clearly not a reproduced copy, had signatures, and looks as old as I am. But it didn't have a seal or watermark so it was up to me to go back to my original state of birth and have them produce another copy with a seal on it, for another fee of course.
  8. I always enjoyed the fun style pop music-rap of the late 80's. DU, Young MC, Tone Loc, Fat Boys (lost Markie earlier this year). Never got into the hard-core though. RIP Humpty.
  9. Yep, thought I was the only one. I love the funky beat of the song, but his voice is so awful on that one song it turned me off on a lot of Prince stuff in general.
  10. Huey gets derided a lot for being "commercially 80's" (maybe too square to be hip ... hehe). But his stuff holds up pretty well. I still like most of it.
  11. Also of note regarding this song is the 2004 remix of the song by swedish DJ Eric Prydz into a club dance song. Winwood redid vocals for the song, which probably no one would even remember, except for the NSFW video which made every male want to take an aerobics class. I won't post video link (in case there is issues of NSFW stuff being linked) but it is available on youtube, Eric Prydz Call on Me.
  12. I'm a wabbit slayer. And a guitar player. Kill da wabbit. Kill da wabbit. (sorry could not resist...look up Ozzy Fudd if you don't get it).
  13. Was working in DC in summer of 2004. Those things were everywhere for about a month. Then nothing but carcasses.
  14. I honestly can't recall hearing this song on the radio ever. But it is still grilled into my mind. The grocery store I worked at while in college used to play soft pop songs from some cassette player that looked like an old 8 track from the 70's. They only had about 3 tapes and most of it was complete dreck and I just tuned out. This song was actually decent and I remember noting the passing time by counting how many times I heard it on repeat. 6 hour closing shift when you were back stocking shelves with no one around was usually 3 or sometimes 4 since the tape was like an hour 40 in len
  15. Had first shot a month ago with no side effects other than sore arm at injection point. Got second dose (Moderna) Monday. Felt fine the rest of the day other than a slight chill for about a half hour that evening that I dismissed. That night at 2 am (about 12 hours after shot), woke up with the most severe chills I have had in a long time. I had to put 3 layers of clothes on to get comfortable. Did not sleep well after that. Tuesday morning was hard with a few body aches, and very tired (likely due to restless night). No fever. Took some Tylenol. By noon the body aches were gone.
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