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  1. I think you would have had a much better shot had Claypool actually done something this past week in a blow-up spot.
  2. The dude can probably wind up playing TE at some point when he's older and lost a step. He looks like a monster out there.
  3. I would trade him before you drop him outright. He has value for sure.
  4. I thought Allen had a pretty bad game, although the stats say otherwise.
  5. Was just thinking the same thing... Allen is leaving tons of yards on the field ignoring the underneath throws to RBs
  6. Well-played. Anyway, food poisoning in a mild form is usually around 24 hours. I think he should be fine and playing tonight.
  7. I think Bateman is the alpha in the WR group, but Brown can still do a ton of damage on 5-6 targets. I don't know if there will be a huge drop-off, but a lot of the secondary WR targets will dry up.
  8. I would think letting Lamar Jackson get blown up via missed assignments is probably the culprit.
  9. A player should be locked to a roster for the week after playing a game.
  10. He’s back out there… but Tua looks like he can’t throw to RBs. Both targets to Gaskin were junk.
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