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  1. If the NE D gives up 28 or more points and the Bills can limit sacks and TOs I have a chance of winning my league's point total prize. Here's hoping!
  2. I wish Payton was that desperate for Kamara yesterday.
  3. What a straight clown. Thank God Kamara went nuts for me yesterday.
  4. I’ve lost two points for the missed so he’s sitting at three. Also lost a TD from Godwin on a dumb penalty. Grrrr...
  5. Kicker has been a thorn in my side all year. I used Koo for one week early in the season and should have just stuck with him.
  6. You would think Succup might make an adjustment. Every kick almost missing wide right. Clown.
  7. I wouldn’t be shocked if they keep playing until half way through the 4th
  8. Probably because he looks amazing every time he touches the ball?
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