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  1. I just dropped BAL and picked up KC to go against BAL.
  2. In 2019 with the awful Jets he was a solid RB2 finishing top 20, while scoring hardly any touchdowns.
  3. Totally agree on Sanders... he looks electric with the ball in his hands. Gainwell had another TD taken away in the red zone too because of an illegal man downfield call. Could you imagine the hype right now if that stood?
  4. I think it could actually be a RBBC with Sanders and Gainwell before too long. Maybe in the 60-40 split range. Gainwell looks very good already, and was in on their 2 and 4 minute drills and got plenty of action in the red zone. Of course this upcoming week will be a much better gauge. I do think that if Sanders were to go down, Gainwell would be an every week RB2 with RB1 upside.
  5. You said he looked washed up on the Chiefs. That's actually Chiefs film. Ya know, the last time he played... you're a brick.
  6. https://twitter.com/mattwaldman/status/1320551921132908545?lang=en
  7. Well, I hope I don't regret this, but I just traded Sermon and 25% of my FAAB to the team who was fortunate enough to grab Mitchell for free on Sunday morning... for Melvin Gordon.
  8. This is why I love fantasy football... it's the daily intrigue that gets me sucked in every year!
  9. I watched all of his KC work on video recently. He didn't look washed... he looked like his normal self. He's not shot out of a cannon, which I guess people love to see. Anyway, I definitely wouldn't waste my FAAB on Murray.
  10. He wouldn't be on the practice squad any longer if either of those scenarios applied. The reality is that neither of the RBs on the team last night really made the case for themselves long-term. There's an opportunity there. I don't know what's the with extreme points of view here.
  11. I'm not saying Bell is a league winner... but, if you watch his tape from last season, he wasn't as bad as the "narrative." He was still very shifty, and caught the ball well. He does things that the guys on the Ravens right now can't. In a deep league he's worth a hold to see how this all plays out. If it breaks his way, I think he can be a decent RB2 type for an RB desperate team.
  12. It's the narrative that Harbough is speaking... it's Google'able.
  13. So, which player do you have currently... Williams or Murray? LOL
  14. This is actually very simple... Murray and Freeman were both in NFL training camps for the past couple of months and in football shape. Le'veon Bell has been working out on his own, and while in shape, is not currently in football shape. He's getting up to speed. I also didn't write that Bell was "the guy." But, he will get a crack at that job more than likely.
  15. I think everything you typed here leads me to believe that Bell will get a crack at the starting job within the next week or so... how he does with it, who knows?
  16. Ha! If you don't have Cook maybe try to move Mattison to the Cook owner. Otherwise, I would rather have Moss. I think he has more standalone value.
  17. Depends on if you have Cook or not.
  18. I wonder what that’s about?
  19. Looks like Vegas is setting the over/under on Sermon rushing attempts at 10 and catches at 1.5. Good call.
  20. By your math, you're expecting Sermon to get around 10 touches? A guy the 49ers aggressively pursued in the draft and have been pleased with throughout preseason?
  21. My league tends not to draft back-up QBs and TEs and teams load up on RBs... for instance, Joe Burrow is sitting out on the wire right now.
  22. Sunday. Gus was still un-injured, but I guess the guy who grabbed him liked what he saw on tape.
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