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  1. They kill children.So do the fries at In N Out.Im just saying that ex cop could have thought the guy threw a bag of peanuts thus endangering the entire theater.
  2. Im still waiting for a show about zombie pirates vs vampire housewives
  3. Pulp Fiction I always thought the guy hiding in the bathroom that shot at Jules and Vincent was Jerry Seinfeld. I recently found out it was actually the tranny keyboard player from The Wedding Singer
  4. Never seen this before. I b watched half the pilot on netflix. Was enjoying it wnd will watch more later I popped wood at the cartoon butts
  5. I was attacked by a skinny man on meth in tampa.I threw him through a window
  6. Show me one person who has near death experience and says stuff like this who isn't already super religious. There were a few who were athiests according to the videos and they certainly aren't atheist any longer.I dont think the existence of some sort of life energy or spirit means there is a god. There is a lot of evidence for psychic abilities I am an atheist in the sense I dont believe in an omnipotent god with a plan. I do belive in energies and abilities beyond our current scientific understandings I have experimented and tested myself and it appears I have some psychic ability beyond most, but not anything major I believe the universe is governed by forces that appear to be a beings conscious will but not neccessarily so. I think all reality works within certain cycles and balances
  7. Schools feel that it is their duty to punish students for all sorts of stuff that takes away from school grounds. I've never understood why this flies. This happens a lot? Its not illegal?
  8. What rule did the 18 yo student break that they thought it would be legal to suspend him?
  9. Im a smug atheistLinks please? Youtube is blocked at my work so i cant shoot you links. Just type in "near death experiences" or "heaven and hell" and you will get plenty interesting videos..Im assuming these are testimonies. I have heard people describe people seeing many different things while dead
  10. Not as fun as old fashioned sticky keys though
  11. He wants to prank 1 guy not the whole office. He also might get in trouble for creating a biohazard
  12. I actually really want to do this one...I need him to start smoking again so I have time to do it. Maybe if I keep it up with the mouse thing it'll stress him out and he'll start smoking, then I can do this. Just get to the office a few minutes early and do itOr.....get some nicotine juice for e-cigs and put a few drops in his drink. Will get some in his system and he will start craving a smoke
  13. Take a screenshot of the desktop. Make screenshot the desktop wallpaper. Hide all desktop icons Watch victim lose mind
  14. Im a smug atheist Links please?
  15. Ray winstone is always awesome as the bad guy FYP I stand corrected
  16. I recently got netflix a couple weeks ago and im hooked. Been working my way through every episode of its always sunny in philadelphia. Currently half way through season 6 . I watched dredd the other day. I thought it was great. I prefer sci fi that is realistic and karl urban was a good choice for dredd. Olivia thirlby is super hot Next im going to watch the grey with liam neeson
  17. Unbelievable. Harassing old men over something 30+ years ago. Mutts.How did they find him? Wasnt the cadillac in his mothers name? Mother-in-law, chief. I sentence you to watching the movie again five times in a row! This sounds like a reward not a punishment
  18. Unbelievable. Harassing old men over something 30+ years ago. Mutts.How did they find him? Wasnt the cadillac in his mothers name?
  19. Im making authentic meatballs and gravy for my girlfriend and her parents. Her mom cooks italian often but they are from ecuador so she doesnt know how to do it properly Im expecting it to be a big hit
  20. Love both movies but goodfellas is funnier so it gets my vote
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