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  1. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/jan/25/facebook-posts/no-calif-rep-maxine-waters-didnt-say-trump-support/ I didn't question whether Maxine Waters said the quote because she has a history of over the top rhetoric. But there was a little bit more to it - she was encouraging protesting members of the Trump administration until they ended their child separation policy and reunited the 3000 families. That being said, I don't think any politician should use their bully pulpit to encourage harassment of other people and should generally stay away from promoting protests and boyc
  2. I'm lost. I haven't seen any news on this and mentally trying to connect Reddit, Game Stop, and Robinhood is making my head spin with no context.
  3. So are you saying these Antifa folks may not be Biden supporters? :mindblown:
  4. The whole investigation stems from people within the Trump administration, career civil servants and military, listening in on a call that Trump was having with President Zelensky of Ukraine and felt that the call was highly inappropriate and an abuse of the office of the President in that he was illegally withholding Congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine unless Zelensky agreed to announce an investigation into the son of Trump's political opponent. One government official filed a whistleblower complaint regarding the call which got buried by the White House until an IG alerted the House
  5. Trump's first impeachment was not about Russia or Putin. You know that right?
  6. I watched a documentary called Jesus Camp in the aughts. I was disturbed at the time and seems like it was prescient in hindsight.
  7. I think they are expecting the Ds to get about 80% of the vote in Dekalb.
  8. If the point of this thread was to discuss the vulnerability of our infrastructure and we learn that an environmental group successfully shut off gas to thousands of people in the dead of winter, I'm not sure how that is not relevant to the discussion and why you are fighting the dialog.
  9. Yep. I'm even more concerned about the EC than I have been before and my guy won. Biden barely squeaked out the EC win even though he won the national popular vote by 4.5%. I think it is a valid debate to be had whether this 200 year old voting system best serves democracy in 2020. Can understand why some people may also disagree with me. However comparing people discussing this with those in 2020 who are just making up election fraud out of thin air with no admissable evidence is pretty absurd.
  10. Trump's impeachment had nothing to do with the Steele dossier. What are you even talking about?
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