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  1. Firstly, I can't believe GordonGekko is still posting after his "there's no such thing as a good woman" rant I saw within the last week. Disgusting. Secondly, my cousin, in her mid-40s died today of COVID. She was among the extremely small percentage of the population that could not medically be vaccinated as an organ transplant recipient. So to the OP's question around whether we can civilly discuss this, nope. Can't do that right now.
  2. Sorry. Didn't see that was already addressed.
  3. A fetus's age is calculated from the last menstrual cycle which is 2-3 weeks before the actual egg becomes fertilized. And the earliest a woman would even know she is pregnant would be around the next potential menstrual cycle and would technically be considered 4-5 weeks pregnant at that point if detected immediately. So no. Not much time at all. As has been repeatedly said, many women don't even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks.
  4. I'm sure we can. But if I recall correctly in the past it was the state governors requesting assistance from the federal government to install that. Is Biden supposed to be sending in the troops to states that aren't asking for help? Isn't that the same thing we got angry about with the BLM protests with Trump even though that was more appropriate given some of the sites where protests were occurring were federal buildings?
  5. Does the POTUS usually manage hospital capacities at the local level? Has any state reached out to the Feds and not gotten support from the national guard or military? I'm confused by your take on this.
  6. Her poor kids. I just wonder if these people will ever come back to reality or of they are too far gone. Based on what that woman was saying, it seems unlikely she will have a lightbulb moment where she realizes she got sucked into some weird crap on the internet that wasn't real.
  7. That was my first reaction - it will widen the gap between the rich and the poor in education as the kids in private schools will be even more advanced than they are now.
  8. I would think the folks on the conservative side would be relieved if Rudy was prosecuted considering he pretty much single handedly got Trump impeached twice with his craziness.
  9. So dumb question... does anyone know for sure whether Rudy was actually officially Trump's lawyer? I know he said he was but I remember seeing reports that Trump wasn't paying him. Just curious because of some of the comments about how difficult it would be to get a search warrant.
  10. So who are her defenders? People on Twitter or are you talking Democratic establishment types like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, et al?
  11. Don't blame the media or politics in general to justify your defense of Maxine Waters. It's on you to be consistent and be able to determine when your "team" has crossed a line.
  12. Who is "they"? It's one poster and he is wrong. I'm saying this as a card carrying liberal.
  13. Isn't she like 80? I doubt she's doing it for her career. She's always been am extremist and this isn't the first time she's flirted with inciting violence.
  14. I feel like the PSF has become what I envisioned parler was like.
  15. You realize it's not the same legislative body and not the same people, right? So who is "they"?
  16. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/jan/25/facebook-posts/no-calif-rep-maxine-waters-didnt-say-trump-support/ I didn't question whether Maxine Waters said the quote because she has a history of over the top rhetoric. But there was a little bit more to it - she was encouraging protesting members of the Trump administration until they ended their child separation policy and reunited the 3000 families. That being said, I don't think any politician should use their bully pulpit to encourage harassment of other people and should generally stay away from promoting protests and boycotts.
  17. I'm lost. I haven't seen any news on this and mentally trying to connect Reddit, Game Stop, and Robinhood is making my head spin with no context.
  18. So are you saying these Antifa folks may not be Biden supporters? :mindblown:
  19. The whole investigation stems from people within the Trump administration, career civil servants and military, listening in on a call that Trump was having with President Zelensky of Ukraine and felt that the call was highly inappropriate and an abuse of the office of the President in that he was illegally withholding Congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine unless Zelensky agreed to announce an investigation into the son of Trump's political opponent. One government official filed a whistleblower complaint regarding the call which got buried by the White House until an IG alerted the House Intel committee of its existence. That is what started the impeachment investigation. As it turns out when the onion got peeled back, there was a lot more to the pressure campaign in Ukraine than the single phone call, as admitted to by a number of State Dept officials in the proceedings who were directly involved. The only thing that tangentially relates to Russia is the fact that Ukraine needed the aid to defend themselves against Russian aggression in Crimea. I'm not sure why you think otherwise.
  20. Trump's first impeachment was not about Russia or Putin. You know that right?
  21. I watched a documentary called Jesus Camp in the aughts. I was disturbed at the time and seems like it was prescient in hindsight.
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