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  1. I was pretty high on him but this landing spot puts a major quash on his immediate value obviously. I don't have many leagues I can park him for two years but I'm going to take him late everywhere just so some donkey with a terrible taxi doesn't luck into stashing him because he's got no one else worth cutting. This way I probably cut him at final cuts and have a non-zero chance to get him back if he flashes or starts getting an earlier look.
  2. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2090862857?utm_source=general-promotion&utm_medium=email&utm_content=main-image-link&utm_campaign=imi-556 .556, it's actually in stock, and 70 cents per round is less gougy than it's been in a long time.
  3. He is my pre-select in PPR at 1.03. I will rage if I don't get him (unless it's Chase then I'll be to ... um ... busy to rage).
  4. I always though Collins was the best of the bunch by far. A UX buddy of mine that was a coach saw it the same way.
  5. He just went #26 in a rookie draft, gonna have to bump him up my list.
  6. Disagree all you want but no way the comp pick factors into the original decision. It's not a sure thing, they might not even get it if they sign more than they lose or if he doesn't sign at all, and they aren't going to waste money/trainers/strength and conditioning/coaching resources hoping for it.
  7. Fair enough, I guess it's that he never goes back to the original guy that's my biggest frustration. Someone gets a hangnail and it's the Jeffrey Wilson show for the rest of the year (until Wilson has a sore tongue, then it's off to someone else). You kind of need to get all the pieces of the backfield and plug in whichever is the flavor of the moment. Maybe the draft capital will work in Sermon's favor, maybe it won't. But depending on his price (he just went 18 in an IDP league) I'll see.
  8. Very surprised at the thoughts on Akers. I think McVay learned his lesson about eggs and baskets from Gurley and is now a full on RBBC-lover. I see a huge split here and maybe even a game-to-game role flip if he tries to out-think opponents. If Akers is getting this kind of love I need to get him on the block. I'll take CEH/1.04 over Metcalf in most leagues but it's close and individual team need could sway me.
  9. He does that a ton though. Once he picks a guy that guy's the bellcow. The only frustration we've had with Shanahan backs is he seems to change his underwear too often and a guy that was so productive one game is inexplicably swapped the next. Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, Jeffrey Wilson - he's turned absolutely mediocre talent into fantasy RB1/2's. Sermon's ADP bakes this risk in. If we knew he was getting 350 touches a year in SFO offense he's the 1.01 every day.
  10. Teams don't think like that, they operate in the vacuum of the moment. They signed Tak simply because the shot to get something out of him once healthy was worth the cash and cap space consumed in that moment/contract. He's a former first rounder so why not grab him and see what happens. He's the $1 waiver wire bid. When it came time to re-up and someone bid more on him in RFA they passed and took their (potential) compensation instead of throwing bigger money at it. Simple as that.
  11. The problem with owning a piece of the NE backfield is that you own a piece of the NE backfield. Just Say No
  12. Curious why you don't track contract status on MFL? I'm interested in the answer to this as well. I'm possibly interested in taking the team, shoot me a PM for details.
  13. Why? What is there possibly to gain by dropping him in May? Are roster spots limited like, anywhere?
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