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  1. Looks good, but I am still in search of the correct flavor. Can't come close at home yet.
  2. Mission accomplished. Don't blow your top, play nice, get a ring, and show some bursts. He'll get another nice payday next year now from a team that needs to take calculated risks. LVR would have been such a great fit had he not already burned that bridge. Now where - LAC? BAL?
  3. After that Stafford deal who knows what's realistic but I would do this in a flash. Get 4 years younger and a world better for a 1st that's a crapshoot anyway? all day long
  4. These combine for most of the answer because there are two factors to consider: 1 - Where's the miss? A rangefinder only helps you if you know where the pin is and where the miss is. If it's 170 to the pin that's not enough info - is the pin in the front and you're really shooting for 175+? Is that 155 pin protected by water behind it so you're really targeting 145? Unless you know the course pretty well or are hitting to a downhill you're not getting enough information with what you can see. 2 - How dialed in are your numbers? If your 7 iron is regularly between 142 and 153 the
  5. I'm sure it's available somewhere else but there's zero reason for me to look.
  6. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00V57XKJK/ Watch out for price spikes. I bought mine at $26 but it's showing $36 now - this is the one pitfall of Amazon, you have to watch these things. But I'll tell you what at $36 I would still buy it. You only need a small pinch on anything so it will last forever - I'm going on 3 years with mine and I even carry around a small container with me at all times: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B017KUWUJ6/ I don't eat out like I used to but this went on everything when I did - burgers at Wendy's were never so good and an Egg McMuffin
  7. I forget if you're into sous vide or not, but I make a ridiculous beef barley this way. I prefer top round but that's mostly due to availability. Salt, garlic powder, onion powder, habanero powder, and some Worcestershire sauce for 60 hours at 140. Tender as all get out and super flavorful and it produces an amazing stock base as well. I like to drain off 1/2 the stock to let the veggies marinade for a couple hours at a simmer and the other 1/2 to cook the barley in for 45 minutes before putting it all together and then diluting to an edible level. Really puts the snap into the ingredient
  8. That's the part that cracks me up, it's mostly just a buzzword with no real definition.
  9. Nothing is pointless but it might be more difficult if you can't see the progress. Just depends on how you self-motivate. It'll take quite some time before you "feel" any differently I think - it did for me. Probably 4 weeks before I noticed clothes, another two weeks before the guy in the mirror looked different. I bought my first new jeans at 3 months. But hopping on a scale every day and seeing this: 207.4 206.4 204.8 203.6 202.4 200.8 199.8 198.8 197.4 196.4 is mind-blowing. I have (had?) hypertension and am (was?) on two different meds for it. I have
  10. This term always cracks me up. You know what they call the first meal of the day right? And why? Because back in the day people used to fast from sundown to sunup. All we've done is attach a snazzy title to it. Food is so available and prevalent in our society today this concept has all but disappeared except for those dark recesses of the health freak zone.
  11. Mindest bro. You need to get away from "temporary" and "diet" and into "new life". If you're not there yet, just think "new next 2 months" to get going downhill. It gets way easier. I've dropped 22% of my prior body weight since July. Max 9 pounds per month but it adds up over the long haul. 9.2, 8.8, 4.4, 8.0, 3.0, and 4.0 pounds lost are my 30 day marks (after the first week which was insane and unsustainable).
  12. Two comments. 1 - It doesn't really matter how you weigh, as long as it's the same every time. Personally I roll out of bed, take a leak, and jump on the scale. I prefer weighing in in the buff because I know it's true. 2 - I don't do weight goals. I have no real idea how my body is going to go so I just make sure I focus on taking the right steps. If I set a "goal" of 180 by Christmas then what happens if I hit 185 October 1st? Am I going to relax? Plan a Halloween binge of a couple boxes of Twinkies because I know I have plenty of time to recover? What good is that? And wha
  13. Eat 1/2 of it. You stay (closer to) within goal, and you get a delicious sub TWICE. Win/win.
  14. You're being unnecessarily combative, there's no such implication at all in his post.
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