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  1. The good: Everyone's auditioning for their jobs next year - everyone. Should be plenty of motivation. The ST coach is taking over - that sounds like a good thing if only because it's not a retread failed HC. I'm a fan of the HC coaching the game and the coaches, not being an OC or DC or having big individual duties during a game. There's still time to salvage 2021. Lots of people would love to rise from Gruden's ashes and accomplish something - careers get made that way. The bad: We're clowns for another season. The better: We were already clowns, but this gives us the chance to wipe that clean. It was always going to take something like this to get out from under Gruden with that harbinger of a contract clownboy gave him. I've always like Mayock's talent evaluation and now we'll see if Gruden was an anchor in the draft room or not. This team has a core of talent so if we can shore up a few positions of depth we can compete pretty quickly. This has to be one of the "better" jobs out there - Carr at QB, an owner you know doesn't mettle, and a roster that's not Jacksonville level depleted. Heck we're possible playoff candidates if we can figure out the OL.
  2. Our lack of quality depth is getting exploited. When your key players don't play well the scrubs aren't going to pick you up. That play by Renfro was insane and the DL is looking nice but LAC are too good a team for most of the regulars to stink it up for 70% of the game and then pull it off like we did last week.
  3. This is better IMO. Nagy is now clearly out of his league and they will only waste this one year of Fields on him. If he goes 9-8 he'll get the chance to Gase this up.
  4. Totally different systems though. Watson ran 373 times in his last two years, Fields 218 and only 81 last year. Day doesn't want his QB running, I don't think they have run a single designed QB run or read option yet this year. It all depends on what CHI wants him to do, if they run him like Hurts he can easily match those numbers. Again you have two guys in the same sentence that don't belong together (my first post meant Watson and Lamar, not Fields and Watson). Kyler and Lamar are a tier of their own in terms of running skill set. Hurts, Fields, Watson, they are all the same guy in the next tier and it's all about how those systems let them loose. To stay mostly on point yes, Nagy has to get his head out of his tailpipe or get moved along fast. Look at Darnold and Tannehill once they got away from Gase, Nagy is trending the exact same way.
  5. Those two don't belong in the same paragraph and Fields is the equal or superior to Watson. He would have been OSU leading rusher by a mile had he run it like they did with Barrett but his far superior arm feeds this incorrect narrative. He's a fantastic runner when he does it.
  6. ChiefD is a very respectable poster, this is off base.
  7. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=nfl+touchback+rule+change https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwizhKz1lI7zAhWKX80KHXcvAzkQFnoECAcQAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbssports.com%2Fnfl%2Fnews%2Fnfl-kickoffs-will-be-undergoing-these-major-rule-changes-for-2018%2F&usg=AOvVaw346xJpBfHQ-Ould2hD5gB7
  8. And he badly misused them both. edit: I had more Jamaal Charles on my mind than McCoy but Reid has 20 years of suddenly and unjustifiably just failing to get the ball to his monsters. Yes, they all had dominant moments, but Reid never fed them the way they should have been. You're right, CEH isn't in the talent zip code with these guys but I wasn't really commenting on that, just my hatred of Reid's history of RB usage. edit2: I'm also saltier than an anchovy that I fell for CEH at 1.01 in a couple of leagues simply because of landing spot. I was all in on both Swift and Lamb talent wise but I had dreams of Kareem Hunt's 2017-18 dancing in my head.
  9. I fell asleep at the wheel and didn't realize this was a 1:00 game I could have recorded on local broadcast (we get a ton of Stealers games in Ohio) and was out golfing all day. I'm frantically recording all of the NFLN game replays but they aren't named yet so I have to hope this is one they replay. I may have to consider Game Pass which as a Raider fan is probably a good idea anyway.
  10. I think it goes without saying that the "droppable" comment implies choices. No one is going to say to drop him and leave the spot open. Him being droppable assumes a viable wire alternative - Hamler, Murray, someone else that's got upside. "droppable" doesn't mean auto-drop, it means one is "able" if appropriate.
  11. NASSIB MADE A PLAY! NASSIB MADE A PLAY! Not really much surprising here. Ok one thing - Andrews fell about 200 yards and 2 TD short of my projection. Defense was awful in spots. But those spots are much smaller and they are surrounded by ... g ... I can't say it. They were surrounded by some not awful spots. Ok some good spots. One or two great spots. I SAID IT - GREAT - DEAL WITH IT. Huge progress. Pass rush happened. Ngakue is real and he's freed Maxx as a result. Crobsy keeps growing as a player. I read something this offseason about his metrics and they were pretty elite athletically, we're seeing that manifest on the field. I thought he was kind of a nice effort guy that wasn't really elite but he's really breaking past being just a try-hard. Hope that continues. Hayward was a huge signing. He was all over the place plus he put a liability on the bench - that's a double win. Moehring was exactly what we wanted him to be - not overly involved because you don't want your last line of defense overly involved. BAL didn't get it downfield so he didn't have any chances to show what he's got but that's just fine by me for now. Arnette was a very good college player and I'm not convinced he's toast yet so I hope they find a role for him or get him progressing. The LB's are bad. Kwiatkowski can't even get on the field over Perryman ffs and Littleton cost us that touchdown being badly out of position on the TD run and whiffed a number of other plays. Wright had some nice plays but looked rusty at times too. I love how the D was run. It's a meritocracy and if you don't earn it you don't play and Gus don't give a crap about your draft status (Ferrel, Arnette, Muse), your contract (Kwiatkowski) or anything else other than your play on the field. We're not there talent wise yet and benching/cutting the early draft picks won't be sustainable but for now it's progress and I'll take it. Carr was Carr - took some terrible sacks and deathly afraid to throw to a WR but got away with it because of the massive animal Waller is. If Carr would just get some balls he's got the tools to be elite, we know this from 2014, and he's got some other guys that can be weapons. He's gotta get over whatever the block is. Those final drives were money once he had to but we were lucky to get the chances we got. Let's not be in that position next time? Coaching was bad and I'm pretty much souring on Gruden. Not having the PK ready to go on the field in OT? C'mon that's high school level preparation. At least they didn't try to rush the kick and botch it. Dumb #### Urban Meyer did that against Penn State in 2016 in ####ty weather and it got blocked and returned for a TD. As this was unwinding in front of me I was screaming at my dog to sprint out to Vegas and tackle the snapper. Why the #### is Carr doing a hard count on the 2 inch line? Nothing good for the O can happen there. The blame goes to Leatherwood but it never should have been in play at all. Speaking of the rook he had a good game overall - high profile penalty and sack given up made for exaggerated optics but he's a mauler and did well overall. Why the #### is Willie freaking Snead in the game in OT? First of all why is he even on the roster, but why in the name of doggo is he in there? And why must Carr throw a blazing fastball to him when he's 12 feet away? Everyone is to blame for that one. A fade to Edwards, a jump ball for Waller, if you're going to run the slant run it with a guy that belongs in the NFL. That's partially on Gruden too.
  12. Time to sign a nobody from a practice squad and give him 24 carries this week. Qadry Ollison is available.
  13. So it's a ploy to motivate Tatum Aiyuk!
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