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  1. Assuming dynasty I would snap up Ridley for him
  2. I would do it, but try and get a 2023 2nd as well. Maybe I am greedy.
  3. Woods yes Mattison if Cook is out, not sure u can wait on that one tho. White
  4. Not scientific, but I own Evans. Benched him for C Sutton this week. That means Ramsay will not cover Evans and he will go off.
  5. Yes u got younger, but feel you could have done better. They are all like young disappointments. Prefer Tyreek side by a bit
  6. Was it just me or did Brady's throws look a bit more dart like with better velocity than usual? I am not saying all were perfect by any means, but it seemed like he had something extra on the ball most of the night.
  7. Did the Raven's hire Tanya Harding as their legs coach?
  8. Are u looking at my one league and my teams lineup? Because that is almost it.
  9. If for no other reason, I see Higgins more likely to stay healthy and on the field all season. He would be my flex
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