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  1. I would rather get the players I want than get "value" and not get them.
  2. Pats fan here, nothing but happy for Brady and Gronk. Heck hope they get another before Brady retires.
  3. My early predraft prediction is the Eagles trade with the Pats, swap first Rd picks and the pats send Gilmore as well.
  4. Alive in the contest: Patrick Mahomes $39 0.00 26.15 34.75 Darrel Williams $4 0.00 11.40 12.60 Travis Kelce $34 0.00 28.90 43.30 Harrison Butker $10 0.00 12.30 9.50 Tom Brady $28 30.85 28.15 28.90 Ronald Jones $19 0.00 6.20 1.60 Antonio Brown $15 15.10 2.00 0.00 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $10 4.00 8.00 9.00
  5. I am not a Jags fan, but so rooting for you guys to get TL. And I hope he lives up to the hype
  6. Qb T Brady RB Cook & Kamara WR AJ Brown & Diggs TE Hockenson Flex Evans & Swift D Indy K Butker Happy with the results after tonight, but facing a great team with Watson, Hill, Hopkins, Chubb, Fournette, Hooper, Dionte Johnson, A Robinson, Crosby & Rams
  7. I am a fan of neither team, but this makes me happy for football. I dont want him a Jet. They will ruin him and he is too good for football.
  8. Playoff hunt or not, if I see someone that appears to have forgotten or missed a player being out etc, I usually shoot them a text. I like all wins and losses to be fair and equitable.
  9. Mostly agree...unless he is a JET. Then they will ruin another one IMHO
  10. Where do u think Trevor Lawrence will fall into this? I know you didnt include QBs yet
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