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  1. As far as Bell, go watch his game against Iowa. He embarrassed a future 1st round NFL CB. For the most part it wasn't contested catches he was winning, he was open all over the field.
  2. That Cowboys cover was about the luckiest thing all us degenerates could hope for
  3. The more desperate you appear in trade talks the worse the player you will get. Teams will know you are desperate and offer you less than normal. I would scour the waiver wire and seek lesser trades than trading one of your studs if teams are trying to take advantage of your situation. I would be prepared to continue starting the best you can until a fair trade comes to fruition.
  4. For Lamb or Chase I would want a stud. Swift/Gibson/Najee/Henry type of player. For M. Brown I would expect a tier down. He has been excellent this year, but not viewed as highly as the others so maybe a Barkley/J. Williams/Mixon/Hunt type.
  5. I am not a Cowboys fan, but this is the 1 line that jumped out on me. It started at -4 and is down to -3.5. I don't understand why. I will tell you that when I usually have this reaction I am wrong.
  6. competitive. My goodness I about pooped my pants having just the Pats ML. I should never bet on the Bradyless Pats.
  7. I picked Waston up in a redraft league after Jay Glazer said to keep an eye on this. Nothing for 2-3 weeks and I had him eyed to drop and of course more news without being news happens.
  8. No one can tell you why you should be bothered by something. That would be determined by yourself. For me, I am not bothered at all. I agree with the above poster that it was just bad humor.
  9. Want to confirm, but is this dynasty. I think you will regret giving up Chase (uber stud potential) for Elliott who is on the decline hill (I think he has a couple more solid years), Henderson (stop-gap RB getting the starting gig only because of injury), and Shenault (young WR, not super high ceiling)
  10. Are these dynasty trades? For the 3rd one which Chase? Edmonds or JaMarr? I certainly hope thats not Jamarr if these are dynasty trades.
  11. Saw your post so I offered Marquise Brown and OBJ for AJ. Brown and a scrub and got laughed at.
  12. Owner in 1 and wouldn't trade him for that even if Boyd is underrated. Fournette adds nothing for me.
  13. I thought that may be the Colts' play when he opted for the surgery before the season, but then he came back to start week 1. Then he sprained both ankles and misses no time. At this point I don't think we could say the Colts are trying at all to lower that pick.
  14. I can't comment on this one specifically, but sleeper lists those picks in that format like the way they were listed in the trade you commented on based on how you finished the year prior. This to me would mean those picks are likely early selections in 2022-2024.
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