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  1. I am not involved. It was a recent startup so all teams pretty equal. T. Hill, Chubb helps the one team compete now. the picks side plus Godwin, Robinson makes that team WR heavy and still in contention.
  2. Another one, this one a Blockbuster: Godwin, A. Robinson, 1.01, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd for Chubb, T. Hill, 1.06
  3. 12 team PPR. Start 1qb, 1-3 RB, 1-3WR (total of 4), 1 TE. 20 bench spots. All trades are same league settings, but couple different leagues involved. Dak, 3.12 for 2022 1st, 2022 2nd Goedert for Cox, 2022 1st 1.09 for 2022 1st, 2022 2nd 2.04, 2022 2nd for 2022 1st
  4. Although I don't see a huge difference because it would be to your advantage to start 2 QBs there is a difference since you could have a super high scoring RB/WR/TE in that spot in SF and not in 2QB if you only have a legit 1 QB.
  5. I doubt most SF start out with 3 straight QBs. I see Chase sprinkled at 3 mostly.
  6. Where do you value Dak in a start 1 QB league. What players would you trade him for? What future draft picks is he worth? I was just approached asking what it would take to sell him and I didn't really think about it, but he is expendable so just wanting to get some opinions.
  7. I believe the clock would only stay stopped after a penalty if the clock was previously stopped before penalty committed.
  8. My top 6 are: Mahommes L. Jackson K. Murray D. Watson J. Allen J. Herbert
  9. The reason they are doing the "Mahomes thing" is because he is the one in this situation. I haven't seen one person say that the others wouldn't try to get ready in 1 week when it typically takes longer. Your KC fan homerism is showing with this post as you defend a position that has not been made by anyone.
  10. I count more as well. 3 from missed FG 3 from going for it on 4th and goal from the 4 and throwing some 25 step drop back pass to the corner of end zone. 4 from dumb offsides on defense when everyone knew they wouldn't snap the ball. 10 total
  11. I'll post main team and any backups of importance. My team: QB: Big Ben RB: Swift, Mixon, Hunt, Gaskin WR: T. Hill, Juju, OBJ, Mar. Brown, C. Samuel, S. Shepard TE: Ebron Picks: 1.09 (mine), 1.0x (early) His Team: QB: L. Jackson, Goff RB: Henry, Conner, David Johnson, D. Harris WR: J. Jefferson, A. Theilen, D. Parker, J. Jeudy, AB TE: R. Tonyan, J. Cook Picks: His 1, 2, 3 (all early) I bolded what I would predict starters would be going into next season if everyone is healthy. My team got eliminated in semis of pla
  12. Man I hope he isn't shooting up draft boards like you think. I was hearing some people talk about it being dangerous to take him in the 1st due to TE development and history. I am in love with him and really want him as a mid first.
  13. Yeah, looking at it I think it greatly depends on how you value Hunt. I have some big attachment to him so I value him as high or higher than most. Unfortunately, he signed extension with the Browns so it kills his prime years as a possible starter, but I still love him on my team.
  14. I think we are in exact alignment with our thinking. That is why I removed Hunt. I thought Hunt for a 2021 1st seems about right to take out. He didn't counter or add a comment so I assume he meant to send exact trade without 2021 1st and then he would consider/counter.
  15. I am fine with all feedback. The other team said we could talk if I removed the 2021 1st. The prize is Jefferson, but T. Hill has been a stud so I am fine keeping him. I believe I showed my willingness to deal when I removed the 2021 1st and sent the counter, however, I posted the trade here so others could respond with their values or help with their trade talks.
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