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  1. I asked for his list since it was slightly different than most rankings I have seen. I did go back to the ADP for drafts and took another glance at it. I agree that this time of the year is not when you cement your rankings, but I like to evaluate the higher end prospects to see where I want to end up in the rookie draft. Most of the mock rankings are just regurgitated rankings posters see elsewhere, but I still like to see those rankings because I could have a big discrepancy than others and it help me. The NFL draft is a big part of my evaluation/rankings.
  2. Where do you see Batemans ADP at 6? Most rankings I see have him from 7-9 what does the rest of the ADP show? top 12
  3. I see this as a great landing spot for Conner. Unlikely, they bring in an early round RB so Conner stands to carve out a significant role. Its on him now. As far as Edmonds, he never seems to seize backfield when starter goes down so not sure he was able to anyways. Reality is Conner will probably get hurt and Edmonds, again, will put up some good games, but never really establish himself and neither are fantasy relevant this year.
  4. My view on the 1.07 is that it will be one of Williams, Waddle, D. Smith. I am not that enamored with those options and at 1.11 I will pick from Lawrence, Bateman, Moore, Marshall, RB/WR riser. I need QB help so if Lawrence falls I am fine taking him otherwise I like those WR options very similar to what I would get at 1.07.
  5. 12 team PPR. 1 qb. gave: 1.07, 2022 2nd got: 1.11, 2022 1st
  6. 12 team super flex. gave: 1.07, diontae Johnson received: 1.05 i think 2-3 qbs go in top 5. this would leave me with one of chase, ET, Harris
  7. 12 team ppr. Start 1 QB. Team A gave: Swift Team B gave: Winston, 1.01
  8. In SF that pushes the players to about 1.07 if you are looking for a positional player and not QB (Other team is set at QB with Wilson and Murray, so I assume that was his way of thinking as well). I traded out of 2.01 for the future 1st in this deal because I am in a major rebuild and trying to accumulate gobs of future picks.
  9. 12 team SF league. Team A gave: 2.01 Team B gave: 2023 1st, 2023 3rd
  10. I tried to buy Watson “low” and was countered for (2) 2022 1sts, 2022 2nd, and C. Wentz for Watson. It’s safe to say his value didn’t get lower in that league. I think it actually went higher.
  11. I was offered Watson for 1.01, 1.07, and 2.01 in a SF league. I declined and notified the other owner about what was going on. He responded he sent out offer before the SA allegations. This much smoke has me concerned for him moving forward. The fantasy community tends to over react to news, but this time I am staying away. For a late 2nd or early 3rd in non SF I would take a change, but otherwise no interest.
  12. Thanks for this. This is awesome.
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