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  1. I saw that new program on ESPN and it had some wild ideas on what was fair. I couldn't send out those offers they were so bad.
  2. Mitchell went for: League 1- taken right before kickoff of Sundays game for free League 2 (carryover 300 annually, league in 3rd year) - $313 (next couple bids were 223, 156, 150, 128, 126, 101) League 3 (startup this year so total 300) - 189 (next couple bids were 156, 121, 101, 97) So for league 2 the max someone could have is 900 if they never spent a dime all 3 years. Max blind bidding dollars a person has is 688 in this league and they are really inactive on the wire. For league 3 max anyone could have is 300 since its startup year. Guy that bid 189 bid 75% of their remaining blind bidding dollars.
  3. In a 12 team redraft he went for 25 of 100. In waiver priority the #1 claimed him. I was spot 9.
  4. Do you have a target in mind or were you just getting out of your CEH share?
  5. For those talking about dropping him. You are talking about redraft correct? I couldn't fathom someone dropping Pittman in Dynasty right now.
  6. agreed, I am a colts fan and it seems that their Wr3 will have a big game every so often, but when you go to pick them up they go radio silent for awhile.
  7. No, I doubt it. Pittman is their best WR. Campbell opens things up for underneath stuff for Doyle/Cox/Taylor/Hines. Pascal is reliable, but not the #1.
  8. With the amount of offensive holding calls (thus putting them in long distance situations) on the Jags and with the Jags falling behind relatively early, that definitely played into the low amount of carries.
  9. Any of the haters/believers in all the preseason crap change their opinion after todays game?
  10. I’m a colts fan so I’m happy to have it continue.
  11. For everyone asking about Robinson. I think he should be more involved, but I keep seeing his touches get called back for offensive holding. Biggest issue is their O line holds on every play.
  12. I am right there with you on this one. I was like what the..... He missed a chip shot and now you want to try a 60 yarder. The kick actually turned out to be pretty close, but still that decision had me befuddled.
  13. Please stop repeatedly throwing out false numbers. I quoted you up in the thread. They ran on 19% of the plays. That is not 95% plus or 99 to 1. That is 81-19 if you want to break it down that way.
  14. It was more like 81-19 not 99-1. 14 rush attempts (not county Dak since I am not sure if they were designed runs) to 58 pass attempts. Close to 20%.
  15. I liked what I saw out of the limited Gio I saw last night. That being said in my short bench leagues he is my first drop.
  16. Letting him go for Pittman???? I have Pittman ranked a bit higher than Samuel. If you can get Pittman for Samuel I would snap accept that.
  17. It gave me the option to choose 8 teams. I started with 12 team before the start of the draft and thought well that could alter some things and saw it had a drop down box and it reset specifically for 8 team leagues. I wanted to pay for CMC, Kelce, elite QB. They went for what I consider an insane price. Example- TEs: Kelce 62, Kittle 38 vs Waller for 16, Andrews 6 QBs: Mahommes 52, Lamar 43, Josh Allen 35, Murray 35 vs. Prescott 3, Herbert 6, Rodgers 8, Wilson 12
  18. some teams definitely overpaid for players. I had an auction value chart (first auction I have played) and stuck to it and didn't go higher than the limits regardless of my feelings on a player. I am also not sure of the level of expertise of the other players because I only know the commissioner who formed the other 7 and knows them personally.
  19. My friend needed 1 more for his league so not my usual, but 8 team 1 QB redraft auction league: QB: Prescott, Herbert RB: Henry, A. Jones, Gibson, CEH, M. Gordon, Fournette WR: Adams, Robinson, AJ. Brown, Boyd, Landry, Cooks, Smith TE: Andrews, TJ Hockenson, Engram
  20. 12 team superflex. 40 players rosters. Team A gave: DK Metcalf Team B. gave: 2022 2nd, 2023 1, 2023 2, 2024 1
  21. I love Campbell, big problem though is that he cannot stay healthy.
  22. I hope that works out well for ya. I think the people in my league wouldn't want to disclose that. I may try that as well with some of the teams I talk more with and see how it goes.
  23. I agree with this. I saw players dropped during the most recent cutdown that went for almost 100% of FAB. I make a lot of inquiries, but I suppose too many assumptions are made on my part that the league wouldn't cut X player.
  24. Mclaurin seems like too much and Gallup to little. Rodgers played at a very high level last year, but I agree he is up there in age so I wouldn't be giving up a young stud like McLaurin. Higgins is also too much. I think some of those aging vets OBJ, Julio, Kupp would be in the range or maybe like Deebo.
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