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  1. Zack Moss might be a decent gamble. I don't expect much out of him, but Singletary just isn't the answer and Moss profiles better so he's a maybe. Myles Gaskin - Everyone seems to expect the Dolphins to take a RB so he might not have value for long. If they don't take a RB then Gaskin is a decent value. Darrynton Evans - Was a sleeper candidate by a lot of people last year, Henry gets a monster workload, but he doesn't get passing work a lot. Evans is dynamic and just out from injury so we didn't really get to see what he is. I'd feel decent about him as my RB4-5. That's it th
  2. I'm in for a $250 startup, but then I need to stop posting my dynasty/rookie rankings on here or delete my thread ha
  3. The NFL was also saying Riley Ridley was potentially a 1st rounder, or the fact that Van Jefferson was a 2nd rounder... They routinely get things wrong. Diggs being a 5th rounder as well as a good example. I'm not completely writing him off, because he has decent size, good burst and quickness, but there's a lot to be desired from both a film aspect and an analytical one.
  4. I came in the thread to see who was a Toney fan and to check if any of the hype people for him would be in my leagues. Apparently not though. FBG's forum members are smart and are wise to fade this guy.
  5. So here's a question for all the FFPC people. Since roster's are very restricted in the offseason, some teams like the depth, some like to package up for "studs". Half the time, that either I've seen or heard of, that package has lead to the package being much better in the long term. It's the wrong bet basically. So how do you manage that "depth" if you have it? I have multiple teams with 3-4 WR2 types, and then 1-2 WR1 types. Obviously I like all their ceilings and production in the coming year, but it's almost impossible for me to keep them all. Plus the lineup choice would be a night
  6. All those "but's" and Sir Mix A Lot will release a new song
  7. 1.03 is too high for me, but 1.04 is perfect
  8. Leave Preston Williams alone Faust... Yes it would be a good fit
  9. It could be, when it comes to Zeke I'm cautious not because of age, but because of his workload he's received. I tend to always fade guys who have career years. Not sure if he's had his career year yet or not, but I do think his injuries will catch up to him. There is such a thing as the body being overworked and suffering because of it. He's a RB after all. He'll be 26 in summer, and have 5 years in the league averaging almost 350 touches a season. It looked like that took it's toll on him this past year. Maybe it reverts after a healthy offseason and a better offense, which is why I'm
  10. 4.37 hand time, 4.39 laser time for the EXOS combine
  11. Supposedly he ran a 4.39 today for EXOS training combine they're doing. I doubt it but even if we adjust for a "pro day" time a 4.44 I don't doubt as much. Soon all these numbers will be coming out, and there will be no such thing as a bad one though.
  12. And yet nobody gives up QB's in the FFPC leagues I'm in.... It's annoying.
  13. Might be the most explosive WR in the class. Problem is he got too big in college, and didn't seem to learn nuance very much. His burst really pops watching him though.
  14. I have 0 issue with him in re-draft, or as a 1 year rental. That offense will be much improved (if Dak is back), he's still very likely to get his workload and be a top RB. In dynasty is my concern that he'll be replaced in a year or two. If I'm buying in dynasty it's as a 1 year rental who I'm relatively confident in. Any more would be bonus, but I'm not paying for 3 more years of elite Zeke.
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