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  1. FFPC I gave up: Antonio Gibson and Deebo Samuel I got: Dak Prescott and Travis Etienne I have Baker/Fields as QB's, but this allows me to cut Baker and Deebo was my Wr6 so figured I could give him up easily. This puts my team over the top with the only piece I was missing, a stud QB. Now my likely starting lineup is something like this, with 4 good depth pieces for bye weeks. Just have to pick the right one. Prescott J. Taylor, M. Sanders, C. Akers AJ Brown, Godwin, Lamb Kittle Also have Javonte and Etienne as RB depth, and Sutton and Bateman was W
  2. 2 FFPC's that finished up https://myffpc.com/DraftBoard.aspx?ltuid=61C-0FAEDCFB484D https://myffpc.com/DraftBoard.aspx?ltuid=BCF-8866991C61DF
  3. After a startup, realize my team isn't near good enough so I traded some pieces away for future picks. I could actually still be decent if my breakout players hit. The way I see it is picks grow in value, and allow more flexibility. If I find myself in the hunt I can trade them away to rebuilders and compete. But here's the deals: 12 team 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 3Flex 1SF (6 pts all TD's, full PPR, 2pt PPR TE) I gave up Josh Jacobs and Deebo Samuel I got 2022 1st, 2023 1st and Darrynton Evans I gave up Baker Mayfield I got 2022 2nd, 2023 1st, Donovan Peoples Jones
  4. 166 pounds moves quicker/easier than 200 pounds, and 4 years of refining his craft (although he's refined it well) of course he's ahead of Bateman.
  5. Talent wise it's Bateman easily for me. Smith is only talented because he's light and played 4 years. Bateman is way more impressive, just compare 2018 of each and 2019 of each. Bateman hands down.
  6. My 2nd screen is almost always on NFL Network so that's where it stays
  7. Someone asked about Josh Jacobs earlier and I just saw a trade go down in 1 of my leagues, I traded him away in one of my other leagues, and I got an insulting offer in another. Anyways: The completed deal was 1.03 for Josh Jacobs. I was a bit surprised by this price actually, but I like it for both. Good cash out, and possibly a buy "cheap" depending on what he does his next few years The one I traded him away for was Jacobs/Tonyan/Chark - for - Miles Sanders/OBJ. Not too thrilled with it after a few days but I like Miles a lot so figured what the heck. Insulting offer wa
  8. I started this thread 2 months ago... ha
  9. FFPC I gave up: Josh Jacobs, Robert Tonyan, DJ Chark I got: Miles Sanders, OBJ
  10. Profile wise I was looking at breakout, YPC, and dominator. Engram is the far superior prospect. But they aren't prospects anymore. Engram has failed to live up to his draft slot, but he's shown glimpses of absolute dominance. Irv hasn't really had that chance yet. This is probably the last year for Engram to make a case as a top option so I understand people getting hesitant. The majority (or all) of you seem to viewing Engram as that last leg, while the arrow is only pointing up for Smith. I'm betting on the better player, everyone else seems to be betting on the youth and ceiling.
  11. Engram has also got 115 targets his rookie year, averages over 110 targets in full seasons (89 average for 4 total seasons). Health has been his issue, and so has an overall bad Giants team, but there's hope glimmering through. I think people are forgetting TE takes a while to learn, and Engram is entering his prime years now. I'd much rather take a shot on Engram who has the way better profile, better size, has developed into a blocker, plays all downs, and is used by his QB a lot.
  12. Hmmm I'm the outlier here I guess. I don't see the appeal in Irv Smith other than possibly volume, and Daniel Jones loves his TE, the other pieces be damned.
  13. I absolutely wasn't selling, and I was rather insulted by the offer. Engram is a prime buy low, Irv is a clear sell high to me. Obviously my "trade partner" doesn't know that, but still. I couldn't imagine people thinking Irv is that high.
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