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  1. While the U.S. is energy independent many of our allies and customers and suppliers aren't. Japan and Europe would have a bad time if middle east oil stopped flowing. Really the whole world would because the price would shoot up. But at least we would have access to energy we could use. It is hard to find a more strategic area. What ever we do we can't ignore it unless we are going to be willing to drill enough we that we can replace their production.
  2. In regards to this discussion, it is amazing we can't honor men like Churchill. Despite his flaws and racism it is only because of people llike him that we can imagine a free and non racist society. The reason we don't have Empires based on vicious, aggressive racists, the likes of which we can barely imagine, the kind that destroy whole cultures and populations, is because some one stood and said no more. It is shocking some people benefitting from his and his countries sacrifice want to cast him as no better than the true monsters he fought.
  3. Maybe maybe not, lots of variables including the time table for the atomic bombs and German speed of conquest. But that would be a nuanced conversation. We can't have that.
  4. And Russia and France and most of Africa and the Middle East.
  5. They started at establishing one party rule with enemies sent to concentration camps, racist laws against Jews, intent on breaking several international treaties and territorial expansion, murder of certain parts of their own party to curry favor from the army and bring it closer to Hitler personally, and made the personal dictatorship of Hitler legal under the existing weimar constitution. That was the first 2 years. By any measure Trump was a complete failure for establishing a Nazi dictatorship.
  6. Truman continued FDR's powers through the war. Unilaterally, or at least with minimal congressional consultation, decided to drop two atomic bombs, and introduced the concept of War without a declaration of war from Congress.
  7. Its arguably that FDR, Truman and Lincoln were dictators given their powers during the WW2 and the Civil War. Maybe Wilson during WW1 but i am not sure what powers were voted in for him. I would say Nixon. Washington and maybe Andrew Jackson. And there are certainly degrees here also.
  8. great game for me had Kamara, Cousins, and Thielen. Drinks are on me!!!
  9. Vikings vs. Saints have to choose between Cousins and Ryan and theilen and corey davis.
  10. It doesn't resonate because they have been saying the same thing for decades and things haven't changed.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with this policy. It has the further virtue of giving our societal resources to those of us who have proven an innate, or learned, ability to use what we have been given, or earned, wisely. I have met many of these student loan debtors, and most think Maker's Mark is the good stuff.
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