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  1. This will be the third year James has missed. First from injury, second he opted out, and now this. He has got a lot of money for not doing much on the field. It will be interesting to see what they do. Rough injury for the team too; had to happen the day AFTER the draft.
  2. Which makes it all the more glaring when compared to the response to the spa shootings. The Democratic party completely ignores the Chicago and other cities inner city problems while jumping all over these potential political shootings. This is how they treat a demographic that votes 80 plus percent for them.
  3. Not to mention some basic respect from China. Your not going to get their cooperation on anything if you don't call them on actions like this.
  4. Thanks I try but it is not always easy. There is no rational reason to opt out, even uf the peofit sharing pushed you into another tax bracket it should still pay for irself.
  5. Well i own the company so i know why. It is a tax free or deferred tax way for me and my employees to invest money off of the profits i and the employees earned for the company. In our program if you want to opt out or get the profit sharing in cash it is a form to fill out. I have to offer the program to every employee who has worked for us for over a year i think it is. I can not pick and choose who to give money to or how much except we determine the amount of the total pool everyone will draw from. It is an equal distribution among participants. We are a small business so stock in th
  6. Practically speaking, I would say we do a horrible job of teaching people how to live in our system. I have had employees that have initially turned down our profit sharing program because they didn't want to pay the taxes if they took it as cash and didn't want to take this money I was trying to give them and invest it. He didn't understand even the basics of investing money and what happens to it when you do invest it. Come to find out the guy didn't even have a bank account . My own kid is going away to college this year. In desperate need of basic financial education. I don't believ
  7. You don't need to fear the nuclear arsenal of a country that elects a government sympathetic to your country.
  8. So we assume cops have an agenda and are subject to biases. Judges we know have them , indeed they are picked for them . But the press? No sir, no agenda no biases. Just click bait and revenue. High - larious!
  9. So your theory is people who tune into any sort of news would turn it off the second they see a dark face come on it?
  10. It won't be, not with Democrats in charge. It has been determined that illegal immigration is the way to change the demographics of key southern states, especially Texas, and make them Democratic. Game, set, match. Nothing else matters. If that goal can't be done legally it will be done this way.
  11. Having read your posts in the Is Capitalism Good or Bad? thread i have a good idea now why you consider it luck to be wealthy. I would disagree but it is probably better to pursue it there if we want to. In regards to worker dignity and the examples you brought up. The meat packing plant i remember and it sounds like a criminal situation. I don't know what the resolution was to that situation' whether that be lawsuit or criminal action. In my opinion that is very much a people problem, being cruel and sadistic to your fellow human being isn't exclusive to an employer / employee rel
  12. To your points 1. My verbage is bad, my way thinking say 20% would be vast, 20% of 350 million is 60 million plus people, a vast number by my thinking but yes it is not vast in the sense of a majority of people in America. But still a large number that is not inconsequential. 2. My objection is to the assertion that Americans live below the poverty line live in "poverty and squalor ". And if someone has a lot more wealth than you do they are lucky/greedy/evil/undeserving of it. To me these are tropes meant to fire political passions to be used to agendas like our thread's name
  13. Possibly, if you use my standard though $20,000 a year still puts you in a high percentage of income world wide. I do believe in a minimum wage, the level is a bit more of a gray area. I get UBI, and the value it may have. A day may come when automation displaces vast amounts of people from jobs they currently have. I dont have answers to all the questions that go with that problem but my experiences in the world i don't think handing out money and material things for "free" is going to be a wise policy because the effect it will have on people, at least not without some other change in
  14. Exactly exactly. And trust me I know what poverty is in America. Neither of my parents graduated from high school. My entire childhood good years meant we were in the lower middle income bracket. I never lived in squalor. l have a huge family, fathers side had 10 kids, moms side 6. Of my 16 aunts and uncles maybe 4 were considered middle class income. 4 different ones destroyed themselves and their families with alcohol and being or marrying criminals. The rest were lower middle income families or less. My first cousin my age, early 50s died this week, him and his brother have a sp
  15. Lol at poverty and squalor. Americans in general need a lesson both of conditions in the world today and in the past. A person making $30,000 in America lives better and has more then 90% of people in the world. If you look at human history your in the top 1 percent easily. That we don't, as a society, get on our knees and thank whatever God you pray to that you have been blessed to live on this time and place is really unappreciative. The system of government, the personal ideals, the societal values that got us here should be praised and duplicated if we want to keep it. We aren't jus
  16. Well hopefully they realize being a bad employee is a bad thing and whatever they do in life requires a certain basic level of competency for it to succeed. And their next job they do work harder/smarter/better.
  17. Depending on how bad they are in comparison to a basic level of competence, either fired or paid less.
  18. Maybe get some motivation to become a good employee? McDonald's or any other employer shouldn't be forced to keep bad employees.
  19. While the U.S. is energy independent many of our allies and customers and suppliers aren't. Japan and Europe would have a bad time if middle east oil stopped flowing. Really the whole world would because the price would shoot up. But at least we would have access to energy we could use. It is hard to find a more strategic area. What ever we do we can't ignore it unless we are going to be willing to drill enough we that we can replace their production.
  20. In regards to this discussion, it is amazing we can't honor men like Churchill. Despite his flaws and racism it is only because of people llike him that we can imagine a free and non racist society. The reason we don't have Empires based on vicious, aggressive racists, the likes of which we can barely imagine, the kind that destroy whole cultures and populations, is because some one stood and said no more. It is shocking some people benefitting from his and his countries sacrifice want to cast him as no better than the true monsters he fought.
  21. Maybe maybe not, lots of variables including the time table for the atomic bombs and German speed of conquest. But that would be a nuanced conversation. We can't have that.
  22. And Russia and France and most of Africa and the Middle East.
  23. They started at establishing one party rule with enemies sent to concentration camps, racist laws against Jews, intent on breaking several international treaties and territorial expansion, murder of certain parts of their own party to curry favor from the army and bring it closer to Hitler personally, and made the personal dictatorship of Hitler legal under the existing weimar constitution. That was the first 2 years. By any measure Trump was a complete failure for establishing a Nazi dictatorship.
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