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  1. No you have missed the point entirely. What we need more of is people that believe in our system and are dedicated to it. Political games were certainly played and corruption existed in the past but who would doubt people like Eisenhower, Truman, and FDR didn't have a deep respect for the country and that translated into a higher level of at least ultimately good intentioned policies? We have been tearing at the belief system that has held the country together since the civil war since the 1960s. We get Trump and Biden because Truman and Eisenhower would be locked out of their political party for their views and laughed off the stage by a cynical population for their hokey and outdated patriotism. But if any country is going to exist in a democratic system it needs to have people that believe in it and it's institutions otherwise it will devolve into banana republic status, oligarchy, or something worse. We don't need smarter people voting more or being elected more. We need people who believe in the country and have a sense of duty their fellow citizens because on the whole they believe it is a good country and political system that deserves good stewardship.
  2. Redraft, QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, D 1 PPR Herbert, Mayfield Edmonds, Gaskins, R. Jones, Singletary Metcalf, T. Hill, J. Jones, Agohlor, Atwell, Gage L. THomas, Gronk McNamus, WFT Hunt or looking for snipes?
  3. If you do shoot someone do you have to reimburse the city for money paid to that point?
  4. Is it just me or does he look orange in that interview?
  5. How soon before terrorist groups start operating out of Afghanistan? Can we count on the MSM to report on it?
  6. Lebron doesn't want communism he wants money. Criticism of China means no or less access for the NBA and himself. They are all convinced they have something China wants to buy.
  7. What we need is a little f ing gratitude for what we've been given by generations before us. The world is going to be a much worse place when America is no longer the world's leader.
  8. It sounds like you ultimately did the right thing. If you weren't getting pitchers to show up for your tryouts it is unlikely two or three are going to show up at later tryouts and be competitive. As you know it will be a long season without good ones. Just be glad you had as much time together as a team that you did. It is a hard thing to do.
  9. It also is an incentive to the schools to maintain the price of that education.
  10. Cooper Andersen looked like he was going to cry last night having to fact check Biden. Just amazing the cheer leading that goes on is just shameful. Yes bOf sIDeS.
  11. It is pure internal party politics. If you are a party functionary your not going to support the up and comer without assurances the up and comer will keep you in place. Outsiders and up and comers need to prove they are going to win before they get heavy party support.
  12. This is wholeheartedly wrong and misinformed. Just is, end of statement. Breathtakingly so.
  13. It would help those kids tremendously to know there is a world outside their experience and that they could tap into it with the right skill set.
  14. I would say that all kinds of people need these life skills. There are plenty of high income people I know that live check to check. If they have those skills they will be able to identify opportunities in their community and out of it. If you are part of a small percentage of the population like African Americans and think you are going to generate wealth by staying only in your community you are dreadfully wrong. The ultimate goal for this type of education should be an eventual integration of the minority into the larger community. Which would be a happy offshoot of it, if that would lead to better race relations.
  15. Beyond the fact that CRT is horrible American history, if i had a binary choice of my kid learning CRT, or really even a traditional history class, or having a class about all things related to wealth creation, like how compound interest works, how to build a good credit score, what to expect when buying a house, car or other big ticket item, how to create and keep a budget, the opportunity cost of having children while you are young (25 and younger) and out of wedlock, what a financial scam looks like, the benefits of getting married and staying married and what to look for in a potential spouse, how to interview for a job etc. etc. etc. Yeah I would choose that over my kid learning American history from a CRT perspective every day of the week. And the poorer i was the more i would want it backed by heavy emphasis on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Those are the skills the kids need to progress and break a cycle of poverty.
  16. Rather than teaching CRT the schools should teach skills and habits that will help and encourage the creation of wealth in these communities. I don't think I need to list them here but if that was taught you would be educating people on how to help themselves rather than telling them they are in a rigged game they can't win.
  17. American exceptionalism is the reason people want to come, not the process of them coming here. And if we ever took in all the people that wanted to come here and could what would that look like? 500 million, 1 billion people? What problems would that solve? Immigration in the past was used almost literally to fill up the country. Are we full now? More so than ever before that is for sure but we can and should maintain a level of immigration. However the "system" we have allowed to fester on our Southern Border dishonors our country's heritage and the immigrants that come here.
  18. I think there is no major disagreement here. I think the major issue here is it can't be alone, only in conjunction with totghtening the borders etc.
  19. It sounds like we agree on the need to process the people at the border as quickly as possible but not in service of the goals. Harris's "don't come" solution won't work because it has no teeth to back it up or any alternative to it. If we had a border that was secure and a policy on refugees we could stop the flow. Add in better facilities, designed to take in immigrants and refugees, at our embassies in these countries we could have a legal, and honorable system for all involved to address these problems.
  20. There are also many studies I can produce that dispute your conclusion that they pay more in taxes than the benefits. A particular point of contention in the comparison between studies is the status of the children of Illegal immigrants. The child is a citizen so not counted as immigrant receiving aid but the child wouldn't be here if not for the parents. Doing research for this debate I find you can get a study that will support either position and many seem to have an agenda either way. Net benefits for government spending on the state level is very region dependent. And on the Federal level inclusion of children of immigrants begins to muddy the argument. This could be the subject to a long debate by itself. In regards to lower prices of labor , products etc. we are paying lesser prices because of the desperation and the illegal nature of the immigrants. This is a stain on us and contributes to a negative stereotype of the immigrants themselves and the labor they perform and its value. Something similar to buying products produced by child labor from overseas except it is happening here, to our new neighbors. Is that worth a dollar or two less per pound of strawberries? In regards to public safety; would not their fear of deportation also make a victim of a crime less likely to report it? We have a set of potential crime victims with another layer of reasons to not report crime. My own common sense tells me this is closer to the truth.
  21. Well thank you. I assume you did as well. I have not read your posts so as not to pollute my original arguments. Hopefully we will provide some engaging arguments for our fellow board members.
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