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  1. It's kind of always been there though. I remember reading something about his dad saying that Johnny would use anger to avoid stuff. Dad would try to tell him something, Johnny would freak out, and dad would back off. It's worked his whole life. I was always hoping he'd get it together so we could see what he actually was as an NFL player.
  2. Chad Johnson ‏@ochocinco 3h3 hours ago @JManziel2 I love you man, I didn't get a 2nd chance, lock in a focus my dude, once it's gone it's a wrap. Whoops! Just barfed on my shoes.
  3. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m1 minute ago Dallas police said Johnny Manziel will not be charged. Investigation now closed.
  4. Michael McCann ‏@McCannSportsLaw 3m3 minutes ago Allegations by Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend reportedly from her testimony while under oath. Very bad for Manziel.
  5. Mary Kay Cabot Verified account ‏@MaryKayCabot In the Fort Worth police report, Colleen Crowley tells police that #Browns Manziel struck her several times and seemed to be on drugs Johnny Full blown F**k Up
  6. He's got some gifts, but they're not enough to carry him at this level. If can become a hard worker and very studious, as Aaron Rogers puts it: "The best prepared player on the field," he could be pretty good. (or at least I'd like to see how far that could take him) He doesn't seem to be that sort, though.
  7. Mary Kay Cabot ‏@MaryKayCabot 32m32 minutes ago Texas police search for #Browns Johnny Manziel w/helicopter, investigating him for possible assault of ex-girlfriend http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2016/01/texas_police_search_for_johnny.html …
  8. Better rumour my way, but suit yourself. ETA: They both have a Lakefront airport. I swear I looked it up.
  9. There was a tweet last night that someone saw a plane with a Dallas Cowboys star on the tail at the Cleveland airport.
  10. If he turns it around, we're back to the original (much more fun) questions: Can he be effective inside structure? We all know he can run around and do stuff but that's got to work off of structure. Don't know if we'll get to find out, though.
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