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  1. Clark County Nevada schools (Vegas Area) reported they have had 19 student suicides since the pandemic began. I can't believe so many. So sad. They are a big district so they do get their share of kid suicides during normal times, but this is double the amount they usually see over the same time period.
  2. Liberty -13.5 at home vs. North Alabama (12pm EST Monday) Liberty has won 34 straight games at home while North Alabama has dropped their last five. The bad weather over much of last week in North Alabama has closed the campus and athletes have not been able to practice.
  3. Deandre Ayton of the Suns over 13.5 rebounds +104 Deandre averages 12.2 rebounds a game, and Steven Adams for the Pelicans has been ruled out of this game. I also think this is a high offense game, lots of chances for boards.
  4. Is it possible to play Cyberpunk with kids in the room? No nudity/no profanity option? Also what path do you recommend I follow from the start of the game? (hacker/street thug/other)
  5. If I took 11 three-pointers in my prop builder, I could finally invest in Bitcoin
  6. Agree 100%!! I am down on J. Pierre Paul Over 0.75 Sacks +120 S. Barrett Over 0.75 Sacks +125 This duo sacked Aaron Rodgers a combined 5 times last game.
  7. I want to fall asleep but this seems like a lot of work.
  8. So Matt Ryan was quoted as saying that the Bucs have the best defense he faced all year, with a stellar D line. KC's offensive line is a hodge-podge of guys that were cut from other teams. Any ideas the best way to make money out of this? What do you think of KC under 88 yards rushing for the game?
  9. Legendary actor Hal Holbrook died at the age of 95. I was just rewatching the movie Wall Street the other day. Love him in that film.
  10. I got one for Xmas and it is great. I recommend you get one for each individual though, not for a couple. The ones for couples are huge and very heavy. Momma's gonna be burning up while Daddy is cold. Let each person control their own heat with their own blanket.
  11. Is the second Moderna dose different than the first dose? Maybe they give you a higher amount of it or it has more spike proteins or something?
  12. Did you hear about the kid who asked his dad if he could borrow $10 in Bitcoin? Dad replied, "Why do you need to borrow $10.44? And when are you going to pay me back my $9.72?? 😆
  13. Nice! Be sure to set it so that the middle of the screen is eye-level to wherever you will be watching. Sit as close or as far away from the screen as you want and enjoy!
  14. Gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time.
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