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  1. Read that a certain urologist is recommending men with ED take a small dose of 2.5mg of Cialis or 20mg Viagra every night before bed. Helps with the nocturnal erections. Can improve urination and remove scar tissue. Supposedly these drugs at small doses are heart healthy too! Avoid some heart attacks.
  2. yeah I think the dude has some anger issues but then he'll get fouled and cry like a baby for 5 minutes
  3. Not a whole lot of scoring in the Africa games.
  4. That Shane Duffy is a monster out there. I would like to thank all of you for letting me easily pick him up off the waiver wire. 😃
  5. I had a similar problem with my Quility blanket. Except the beads didn't leak, they did however come loose from their housings and made a pool at the bottom of my blanket. Effectively destroying the whole idea of a weighted blanket. Kudos to Quility though, they sent me a new one without hesitation.
  6. Me too. I am starting to think staying home another year would be worse for my kids than catching Covid.
  7. Great show, thanks. Man the music in the late 90s sucked hard.
  8. Sure wish I could get my kid to quit SCREAMING into the headphones during online matches. I've told him many times to knock it off. With the headphones on I don't think he realizes how loud he is.
  9. Smart move, I can confirm that over the remaining 3 episodes you didn't miss jack #### Oh wait... maybe you did miss that
  10. Is it possible to get a notification when your player is not in the starting lineup?
  11. Really I am up most days by 5am. So it is nice to have something to do. I like watching the Indian Super League, most of their games start at 5 am pacific time.
  12. wow many Premier League matches are going to be starting 7am Saturday west coast time. Good thing I have insomnia!! 😩
  13. If you don't mind heading a little further west, I think Hillsboro is a nice place.
  14. Volleyball players that have to celebrate with a group hug after EVERY SINGLE PLAY
  15. WSOP live events set to start end of September. Hey shuffle up and deal, am I rite??
  16. Sorry, I am not very familiar with Fantrax software. Send the offer to me please.
  17. Just an idea but in the future you could try having a live draft to start things off for like the first 4 rounds or so. Then switch to your 8 hour clock slow draft. That's about the point everybody has to do a lot of googling anyway right.
  18. Men's Olympic Golf starts tonight at 6:30pm eastern. Si Woo Kim has got three PGA tour victories to his name. He's also South Korean. Because of this, he is required by his government to spend 20 months working for the military. One way out of this duty? Win an Olympic medal! Si Woo Kim is 15 to 1 to win a medal, 50 to 1 to win gold.
  19. I saw a doctor on the news yesterday that said Delta is 1000 times more contagious than the original strain. I thought that was hyperbole on his part so I did some googling. Turns out there is some basis behind that 1000 number. I guess when doctors are first seeing Covid patients now and are looking at their respiratory tracks, they are seeing 1000 times the amount of the virus that they saw back in patients in 2020. I don't know if that means Delta is 1000x more contagious however. This is scary nonetheless.
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