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  1. Blackhawks , Braves and Chiefs shouldn’t be offensive to anyone
  2. Break down on Forth of July at White House .. National Anthem , Fox plays, CNN shows images does not play National Anthem..,Fox plays America the Beautiful.. CNN nothing.... Fox playsGod Bless America, CNN on commercial break.
  3. So magically if we stay in another 30 days this will go away? Closing things down, is actually kicking the virus down the road. Until there is a vaccine, every time you reopen it is going to spike. Let's all stay on house arrest indefinitely.
  4. My Motto: If you are afraid of dying, you ain't living. Also Nobody gets out alive. I get it. If people have concerns or fears, then by all means stay home, isolate yourselves and protect those of yours that are vulnerable. I have absolutely no problem with that. But why should the people who don't have those same concerns have to live their lives like that? Anyone of us can lose our lives in any given manner. Each day could be our last. Do we really want to spend it afraid? Why shouldn't life go on as normal? Play Ball!
  5. Why?...The CDC doesn't keep detailed accounts of influenza deaths only estimates, so who is to say the death rate from the flu is not much higher than they estimate from year to year. Also using their estimates again (if its good enough to use estimates for the flu it's good enough to use for corona virus) the death rate from the corona vs flu may be fairly comparable. https://nypost.com/2020/06/25/getting-realistic-about-the-coronavirus-death-rate/
  6. With recent evidence that up to 20 million may have already had it ...death rate at like .006 should we not treat it any different than flu season ?
  7. Do we have proof that ICU's are filling up with 18-29 year olds?
  8. Calmly sleeping in my car........Now dead. Should have never ended that way.
  9. Was he hit by the taser? I believe once its fired and doesn't hit anything it has to be reloaded.
  10. I often wonder why they would put a 6' 5" receiver on punt return duty, what an F-up..
  11. If being intoxicated and making bad decisions is a crime punishable by being shot...I should be shot nearly every weekend.
  12. Oh I get it..So instead of chasing him down until caught why not shot him first to slow him up.
  13. Typically I'm on the side of law enforcement, but listening to the family attorney changed my mind in this case. Basically what he said was that the taser by design is a non-lethal weapon, and that the officers had interacted with him for 30 minutes and had his license so they knew everything about him including where he lived. Why not let him run and pick him up at home later, when he may be sober and more reasonable... I've been drunk and done some dumb stuff and made very bad choices as I would assume most have. I wouldn't want to be shot for those choices.
  14. The Dems think Russia wants Trump in there and maybe they did last election. But now that he’s kicking Putin’s ### around every corner. Putin wants one of the Dem communist sympathizers in this go around, to destroy all the wealth strength we have.
  15. Just thought I'd come in this "Great Place" , put my feet up and smile...Such a great time to be an American...God Bless you all and God bless America.
  16. Godsbrother knows I'll feel different if a Democrat is in the Oval office within the next five years...
  17. I feel sorry for the liberal/ Democrats. What should be the happiest time of their life with all this prosperity the country is experiencing ,they are sad, angry and depressed. Hot tip of the day, college students get your psychology degrees they are going to need a lot of mental health help. Probably the fastest growing sector.
  18. What is she a100 years old?... If she wasn’t selfish she would have stepped down while Obama was in office.
  19. Trump's job approval rating rises to 49 percent amid impeachment, highest since taking office, Gallup says
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