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  1. The thing is, performances like last night were what people were expecting from him. If an owner expected high volume (with limited yardage upside) from him and made it his strategy to go RB heavy early then target guys like Aghlor/Crowder around rounds 7/8, then kudos to them. Their team likely looks good and everyone had the chance to do the same thing. It rewards people who chase volume, which is more predictable than if someone were to fall into the end zone every couple games, which is a key determining factor in standard scoring. I wish I had more teams with Agholor and applaud those that were able to recognize his expanding role.
  2. The way I'm looking at it is that there always seems to be one big splash, blow your whole budget guy each year that wins leagues. Usually it is a backup RB in a good offense that is expected to take over all three downs for an injured stud. A John Kelly/Chase Edmunds/Rod Smith type this year profiles as such a guy. The difference is that Conner looks to be taking over at the start of the year but likely will make way for Bell at some point. With Bell sitting out the year, being traded, or sitting out 8 games all in the range of outcomes, I'm willing to gamble. It could be a brutal mistake, BUT we're always able to pick up quality players off of the open bid period, it just takes more looking ahead and careful roster management.
  3. I'm all in with my bids tonight. If Bell sits out half the season or is traded, it will be worth blowing my entire budget. If he reports tomorrow, well, I will be limited to open waivers this year. Worth the gamble in my opinion.
  4. I agree with this. We all understand that the context of "owning" a player means that you have him on your fantasy team, but can't change the fact that a bunch of largely middle-aged white guys bragging about the number of African American men that they own is pretty cringy. I saw a writer Tweet that he will start referring to his guys as "rostered" instead of "owned." As in, he's my "most rostered" player. He took a bunch of crap on his mentions but a lot of people thought it sounded better...myself included.
  5. I hear you. It does seem like the "regulatory fee" is pretty standard everywhere now. I joined a dynasty startup at safeleagues.com and their regulatory fees are even higher at $7 per league...even in the cheap $30 league. I think everything is just so regulated now that it's hard to make money running these sites unless your Draftkings or one of the biggies.
  6. dataforceff.com has the most options of any site I've seen. Auctions, BB, dynasty, salary cap, you name it.
  7. Anything that improves the chances of Braxton Berrios suiting up week 1 is good news in my book. It seems like the most shared conclusion in here is to bump Jordan Matthews, but I'm expecting the hype on Berrios to start building now and spike throughout the preseason. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/braxton-berrios?id=32462018-0002-5599-6187-781cce2970bc
  8. The fact that the movie debuted last night and this thread is as dead as it is certainly gives credibility to those saying it's "too much Star Wars," which is a shame. Hopefully people don't stay away because it was really good. It made me feel like I did the first time I watched Force Awakens...in that it was just fun. After the letdown that was Last Jedi and not knowing what to expect with a young cast trying to recreate the charm of one of the most iconic characters of all time, I didn't go in expecting much, but like Force Awakens, I was smiling for much of the movie. It was great casting and storytelling but was also was able to strike the difficult balance of seriousness, humor, social commentary, and just the right amount of camp. Loved it. I can't wait to see it again and will buy it as soon as it is released (which I still have yet to will myself to buy a copy of Last Jedi).
  9. I'm not seeing a ton of "inside information" out there regarding the possibility of trading Duke on draft night (in fact, there is a lot of talk about extending him), although it certainly would make sense, especially if they were to use the #4 on Saquon. If they were to move Duke, then Cleveland becomes just as desirable of a landing spot as anywhere else, IMO. I wouldn't be that worried about Hyde. He'd get the Lat Murray treatment...sign a big free agent contract just to go to the bench for their rookie.
  10. I traded away the 1.1, Thielen, and Stafford for 1.3, Antonio, Trubisky, and Alex Smith. 2QB league. I hated to do it, but will still get a nice back at 1.3, got Antonio, and get two QBs in return for one that I can flip. Had a lot of offers, but this one seemed the most fair and hadn't been getting some of the more ridiculous hauls that are being bragged on here and on Twitter. I might regret it if Saquon lands somewhere good like TB, but if he goes to Cleveland, I'll feel good about having sold. Duke isn't going away.
  11. Fanball bought them out. I wasn't a big fan of my winnings being transferred to them mid season, but ultimately it shouldn't matter too much. They are not starting off on the right foot though with the "surprise" money transfer and the fact that basically every other site that offers BB has rolled their 2018 leagues out weeks ago. I've already done several on Draft.com and Dataforce...fantrax looks like in interesting new one as well. I'll still play MFL10s, but am branching out considerably unless I'm wowed by what fanball will offer.
  12. I may end up joining one. It will certainly be compelling to follow how the leagues will turn out. Will it favor the teams that go all in with their BBDs early in the season and build a nasty roster early, or will the teams that manage to hang around and spend later, be set up for winning down the stretch by being able to get all the players getting hot at the right time? You looking at the Safeleagues or somewhere else?
  13. I assume if you're talking very early redraft, you're talking best ball like MFL10s/Draft.com/Dataforceff.com, since those are the three places that roll out drafts in the late winter. If so, I like Freeman in large part because his role is set and for whatever reason, Coleman continues to be underrated in BB leagues. Draft.com already has theirs up and I've done a half dozen, targeting the second round Freeman/sixth round Coleman stack in several and feel good about what I've assembled around them. I've been avoiding Howard and Hyde for now until I get more clarity on how the offense will look (Howard) and where he'll be (Hyde).
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