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  1. 12-Team Dynasty SuperFlex Team A: Ryan Tannehill Team B: Rookie picks 2.06 & 3.06
  2. 12-team league with a salary cap Combination of ppr and point-per-1st-down, with extra bonus for TE Superflex (so you can start a 2nd QB) Long-running auction to create your team One opening left for auction that starts Monday 8/10 Site: https://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/30607#0 DM me with your interest and experience playing fantasy football!
  3. 12-team PPR : Kyle Rudolph vs DET or Evan Engram at PHI? Thanks, Sigmund!
  4. I, too, am looking for someone like you for my BOOSH League! See my post: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/757091-1-more-owner-needed-to-get-the-party-started/

    IDP/.5 PPR/.5 PPFD/Auction/Contract

    Great attention has been paid to an adequate defensive scoring system. t's not a league where you just amass WRs and call it good.

    Let me know: krytellan@yahoo.com

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