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  1. I mean, I love Brown-he was a major component to me winning our league last year. But to do the above he would literally need to repeat last night's performance every single week. Dude is a stud, but he's not finishing the year with 140/1700/16. 115/1400/12 would still be monstrous, btw. I would have said something similar last year had some clueless, pie-in-the-sky sort come in and said Brown was going to put up 129 receptions, 1698 receiving yards, and 14 total TD's.
  2. Before or after Tebow and Manziel?
  3. Last year was the first year he was even remotely draftable. (Emerged as a starter partway through the previous season, after a career of utter irrelevance.) He rewarded those who gambled on him by putting up worse numbers in every category, for an ultimately mediocre campaign as a bottom-end WR2. For this, he's been rewarded by having his draft stock rise beyond his production because people like little white receivers to an irrational degree. This is underrated? If anything, he's overrated. But by all means, buy high after a night when he didn't have to play against any professional defenders. You're not underrated when you're being drafted at your ceiling. This is just guppy overreaction to a shiny week one statline.
  4. that's a good point. Dion is out there wearing Kevin Faulk's #33 - Belichick loves to have a guy play that role - it was almost Fred Jackson after BUF... but picking up the blitz and blocking is critical there. I did not notice Dion's blocking (good or bad) last night. Dion was electric in space - great receiving - but based on what I saw, he doesn't look like he can be an every down back - he looks like a guy that fills that Faulk/Vereen/Woodhead role for NE and maybe be more explosive than any of those previous guys were. He'll be a nice option for them to fall back on once Blount starts mailing it in. Can't see him retaining motivation past the bye.
  5. People are crazy. Yeah, anybody could outscore anybody, but bets don't get much safer than Rodgers against the Bears. Or much riskier than Bradford against the Falcons in Quinn's first game -- fresh off a stint with the best defense in the NFL, and looking to make a statement about the perceived tissue-like nature of his current squad. I like Bradford to do well, but I also expect him to face a pretty amped up and aggressive Falcons squad. i like the new falcons staff but they inherited a legit terribad roster. it doesn't get perceived like that because of ryan-to-julio and the ghost of roddy, but literally every position on their roster is thin or outright bad. the seconday in particular has one decent young guy and maaaaybe drafted another. they'll be better by mid year than they were last season but this could be ugly to start, especially with as much as they'll be on the field with the eagles d line ripping the falcons pocket over and over i'd play bradford over anyone but rodgers I'm not suggesting they're not bad on D. Indeed, I think they are. But I think Quinn's going to have a chip on his shoulder about that -- and about proving that he's the guy who can milk the most D out of this sad group -- and to that end, he's going to come out with the guns blazing a little bit. He's said he's tailoring to what he's got, and he doesn't have the horses to play the strict lockdown Cover 3 stuff any more. So I see him trying to be aggressive out of the gate. And really, it only takes one play.
  6. People are crazy. Yeah, anybody could outscore anybody, but bets don't get much safer than Rodgers against the Bears. Or much riskier than Bradford against the Falcons in Quinn's first game -- fresh off a stint with the best defense in the NFL, and looking to make a statement about the perceived tissue-like nature of his current squad. I like Bradford to do well, but I also expect him to face a pretty amped up and aggressive Falcons squad.
  7. Of course not. Free agent K Nick Novak will work out for the Saints on Tuesday. Novak, 34, was surprisingly cut by the Chargers in favor of UDFA Josh Lambo. The Saints currently have inexperienced Zach Hocker as their kicker.No kicker without a job is ever going to be worth holding onto. Novak still doesn't.
  8. i'd start rodgers on the basis that there's at least a 10% chance bradford doesn't make it through the game.The same percentage Rodgers has of not making it through the game. Same as pretty much any player. It's the NFL. Everyone faces a chance. No, every player does not face the same chance. Sam comes in with a reputation as a guy who -- at this stage of his career -- is immobile, fragile, oblivious to pressure, and prone to taking bad hits. Teams will be game planning to attack him in ways they don't for every other QB. Especially because history has shown pretty conclusively it's an effective plan. Sam's gonna see a ton of Suggs style hits this year, and if he survives them, he'll have earned it.
  9. If they haven't already started making them, be ready for inevitable Eric Dickerson comparisons. People see the weight difference and think it's too big a gap to be apples to apples, but ED was the size of the linebackers he was playing against in college, so in terms of on-field dynamics, I think it's something to look at. The height and stride made me think ED right away.
  10. Josh Brown's been converting around 90% for years now, and that offense going into year two with a better roster of weapons AND no defense is going to be silly prolific. I've been pretty much auto-selecting him any time circumstance has led me to wait till the last round on a K. There seems to be no market for him in FF, and I see no reason he shouldn't be in the top third of K producers week-in, week-out.
  11. Good college QB. Probably better than some of the other names out there. But watch him throw 100 balls. Hell, just pick a highlight reel that only accentuates his best stuff. Then watch 100 random throws from Hackenberg and Cardale Jones. Those guys have work to do, but THOSE are pro arms. This guy's not an NFL QB. Sorry, Cal fans. The stock will plunge once the obvious problems with his motion, release, and arm strength become more newsworthy.
  12. One would think the "best case scenario" would more closely resemble Vereen in 2013 than 2014, where he saw those 70 targets in only 8 games. Depends how troubling it proves for the Pats to find reliability in various other phases of the offense. Obviously, in 2013, they faced injuries that limited snaps for Amendola and Gronk, and the other WR spot saw Bill cycling through players trying to find some chemistry for Tom. Can't count on that, but the Pats' major targets certainly have a history of getting dinged, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. And the running game is obviously loaded with question marks. When your surest thing appears to be Legarrette Blount, you've got zero sure things. I like Lewis's talent as a football player, but certainly won't project him for anything monstrous. Figure on some kind of 40/600 (total)/4 type floor, and be happy with anything you get above that -- which you just might.
  13. Historically fairly useful in larger PPR leagues. At a glance, balancing out the various Vereens, Woodheads, K. Faulks, etc., they seem to have a fighting chance at anywhere from 500-1000 YFS and a handful of scores. It ain't a ton, but it can be useful in some situations.
  14. Based on the broken leg he had one time? Or did you do a tea leaf reading? I'm buying.
  15. I'm open to the argument that as a vet min type of guy, he might still be in his "running angry" place. But there's really nothing in his history that suggests he's particularly concerned about being a good soldier so he can profit. He seems to be motivated only when he's cast into the junk heap, and as soon as he has a secure-enough gig that he can slack off and get high as much as he wants, he coasts till he gets another wake up call.
  16. Pissed off Legarrette Blount had his draft stock plummet after punching a guy, got cut by TEN after punching another, then ran angry once he finally got a chance with TB the second half of 2010. He blew up for most of his 1000/6 the last part of that season. Once he settled in, content that he had a secure gig, Legarrette Blount showed occasional flashes, then slowly let his performance slide into complete irrelevance over 2011 and 2012. Pissed off Legarrette Blount was ditched by TB to the Pats, where he languished only long enough to completely explode at the end of the regular season and into the playoffs, famously putting up his 76/2, 189/2, and 166/4 lines in consecutive weeks, and building the "Legarrette Blount scores touchdowns every time he touches the ball as a Patriot" mystique. After that, he became an attractive option for teams, and signed a decent two year contract with PIT, became content, and promptly quit caring about perfoming so completely that he became useless as an NFL player, a notorious cancer, and utterly unrosterable for the Steelers. They cut him outright. Pissed off Legarrette Blount had a fistful of 5.0+ ypc games after getting picked up, a handful of multi-TD games, and became an integral part of a SB run. Now, he's secure in his role, and is once again going to be content Legarrette. You wanna roll the dice on that history? I'll be first in line to pick him off the FA scrap heap once he inevitably wears out his welcome in NE, but until then, I expect him to blow and ultimately find himself expendable. I believe we're already seeing the first signs of it.
  17. Woodhead will be better than Gordon, straight up. And it won't be close. Also, Stevie J will outscore Keenan Allen. The Bolts are the most misunderstood team in all of FF.
  18. He was never fighting to start. He's fighting to prove he's got enough to draw a check as a competent NFL backup. That's how they're using him. If he gets axed, that's the role he'll be auditioning for elsewhere.
  19. Either Woodhead or Daniels in FA in a 12 teamer makes no sense to me whatsoever.
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