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  1. Buzzy Cohen will guest host the Tournament of Champions in May.
  2. I am pondering whether there is a correlation between what colors you see the shoe and the dress colors.
  3. Blue and black.....oops I was referring to the dress. Shoes are gray and teal to me.
  4. In the 1960s these Midwesterners earned 5 NFL championship trophies. No one chimed in, making another embarrassing moment for Rodgers.
  5. They released the next set of guest hosts and he is not on there.
  6. 20th Century Fox is still being used.
  7. An invisible structure as it is colored infrared.
  8. After 6th inning, MIN @ MIL, both pitchers have a no-no going.
  9. Like in certain foreign languages where common nouns all have a gender assigned to them?
  10. In 2003, they pulled all their ads as corporate sponsors were pulling their support as they were no women members in the club. Did not hear of them doing that again.
  11. I had a lengthy speech delay. During that time I was misdiagnosed with the R-word. Found out I was given the Stanford-Bidet IQ test at certain intervals. Since it relied on words I got a low number. They then decided to give a different test (LIPS) to see if it got truer number. The test was totally non-verbal and gave me an IQ of 122. It got rid of the diagnosis, but the stigma lasted a very long time.
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