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  1. how will Brown and their offense ever score without Bell?
  2. If you weren't a clueless troll, you would have at least kept your mouth shut until after the Atlanta game.
  3. lol had to go back in the archives to find that name. They only have one tough remaining defense to play (@Bears).
  4. I think you will regret trading Michel. Patriots rarely spend high draft picks on rookies and the fact they did here says something. He's on a high powered offense that will generate a lot of scoring opportunities and positive game scripts with leads in the 4th. Even if White steals receptions and some carries, not too many situations better than Michel's right now.
  5. oh, I see your point. Those guys in Vegas in charge of a multi billion dollar industry are a bunch of ####### idiots. Any intelligent human being knows to follow random internet strangers and their patented eye tests.
  6. what does "hasn't been played yet" have to do with anything? Before calling me a troll, maybe you shouldn't be clueless about what I said.
  7. The Steelers implied team total of 30.5 tomorrow is higher than any game where Bell started. He's so amazing you guys.
  8. weird response from the drunk who posts numerous threads hating on religion.
  9. Alcoholics do a lot of horrific things too. Probably worry about that first.
  10. People who riot are pro-city destroying. That's why I said I don't understand that mentality
  11. Yes, destroying a city makes things worse and doesn't fix anything.
  12. I don't understand this mentality at all.
  13. https://www.twitter.com/joe_fann/status/1047607440303218690
  14. Actually, I was curious to see what people said in 2013 about Bell and not surprised to see you were annoying the #### out of people back then too. at admitting I am wrong after four games. I love how you are a hypocrite when it comes to small sample sizes. Conner is the sixth ranked PPR RB. Every player ahead of him was drafted in the first round. Yeah, I am devastated about defending Conner so far.
  15. What's wrong with Adrian Peterson?
  16. It will be interesting to see what he does in his return. His averages were down last year, but his total numbers were boosted by an increase in volume. Was it more caution not to get hurt, conditioning, or simply variance?
  17. The best piece of advice in this thread on what should be ignored is five years old.
  18. Steelers averaged 26.35 ppg last year for 17 games with Bell. Their defense gave up 17.75 ppg (including the Bengals game) with Shazier. After Shazier's injury, they gave up 28 ppg. This year, their offense is averaging 25.5 ppg and their defense is giving up 29 ppg. If people want to talk about W/L, their needs to be more emphasis on how bad that defense is now. If my teammate couldn't walk after a tackle, I would be a step slower too.
  19. How do you figure 3-1? Their defense is giving up 29 points per game and has been atrocious since Shazier got injured.
  20. Is this a serious post? Coaches and team executives make idiotic decisions all the time.
  21. If you want to have an adult conversation, stop making things up about what I have posted. I know that's difficult for you. RBs are easily replaceable and overrated. That applies to all situations, not just this one.
  22. Measure what? How drunk you are? So so many drinks?
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