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  1. Been holding all year hoping for a late season surge in his playing time. Cautiously optimistic we will know more by week 14 if he’s a playoff winner for owners who were patient.
  2. Yeah I think I’m rolling with him as well. Latest forecasts are for rain but wind isn’t terrible.
  3. Still calling for crappy weather today. Lots of rain and 25mph winds. Folks still rolling him out today?
  4. Guy has been so money season but I am contemplating keeping him out this weekend. Home game in what looks to be a big rainstorm against a bad team has me thinking he doesn’t put up the gaudy stats we’ve been seeing. Obviously need to wait until Sunday morning to get a better forecast but are other folks considering benching him if the weather is really rainy?
  5. I have wentz riding the bench behind Russell Wilson and that mistake has cost me loads of points these first 2 weeks. Need Carson to cut down on the turnovers but from a volume perspective he definitely looks to be a legit too 10 FF candidate.
  6. Took him super late as a backup QB this year so tagging this thread for future development. I think the kid has a ton of talent, is smart, and has a great work ethic. Curious to see how his sophomore season works out.
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