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  1. Are you saying you wear a mask in your own house around your own children all day every day?
  2. Anyone got a good way to watch the match? It is on Peacock and I don’t want to subscribe to yet another service. Already subscribe to Paramount Plus for other Chelsea matches
  3. ORM D is no longer used as of Jan 2021. They just limit how much you can ship. Still supposed to claim it as ammo.
  4. Colts fan here’s too and I think Ballard really knows that the defense is fueled by a big pass rush rotation. Risks for sure but he’s got the track record indicating he knows exactly how to draft.
  5. It’s toward the top end of your stated budget but if it’s just the two of you I cannot more highly recommend chartering this boat and captain. It made every traditional AI resort we have done look pale in comparison. World class service, super nice captain, and makes you life the life of a millionaire for a week. any specific questions feel free to PM me. And FYI I’m in no way affiliated with this charter. Just had an amazing trip with him a few years ago. https://www.sailingdirections.com/yachts/5-star-sailing.htm
  6. Been holding all year hoping for a late season surge in his playing time. Cautiously optimistic we will know more by week 14 if he’s a playoff winner for owners who were patient.
  7. Bought some shares this year. Seems like a really solid player with good upside
  8. Yeah not a who do I start but I’m going to play two of OBJ, Larry Fitzgerald, and Chark. Very seriously considering benching Odell this week. Can’t take another 2 catch performance with guys putting up big numbers against vulnerable defenses [NO and ATL)
  9. Darnold cleared to start just now so that does lean towards a positive influence for Herndon if he is also cleared by Gase.
  10. Picked him up in a TE premium league as a what the heck flier in case Greg Olson doesn’t come out of this funk or gets hurt again. Hoping for that late season production the Jets had last season. Will be curious to see Herndons usage assuming Darnold comes back in the next 2 weeks. Anyone starting him week 6 assuming he’s cleared and active? Thinking it’s pretty risky.
  11. I don’t think it was sloppy...it was just a fantastic hustle play by Odum. I don’t think McCoy was prepared for the contact from behind but i don’t think a reasonable observer could say he was being careless with the ball. https://www.colts.com/video/highlight-george-odum-forces-lesean-mccoy-fumble
  12. Desperate for help with bye week issues (Lev Bell, Breida) an injured Shady and no Gordon back yet. Had to pick him up for this week. Not holding out hope for too much but maybe some decent checkdown passing opportunity with the new QB back there?
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