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  1. Two of his 3 lowest scoring weeks last year were vs LAR. If I had another really strong option I’d consider it as they can disrupt wind get lots of pressure on Russ. Not planning on a big week from him.
  2. Super bad look for the nfl and their big money shiny new stadium to have a weather delay in MNF
  3. Super disappointing targets this week. Haven’t seen any analysis yet on if he wasn’t getting separation or Ryan just wasn’t looking his way. I suppose the silver lining is he was instrumental in a few big plays down the stretch that helped them win (PI call he drew and the 25 yard catch.).
  4. Gotta say coaching. Not scheming your shiny new weapon I’d think but but I’ll have to watch the film.
  5. Yeah stat line not looking good. Showing zero targets through first 21 attempts
  6. Doing just the opposite. BAL missing a bunch of key pieces on defense and thinking he is just so much more explosive right now than CEH We will see what the right call was in a few hours
  7. Yeah I caught that too. Serious business, that guy. Pepi…for a kid playing in his first match for USMNT a to be recognized like that….got to be a watershed moment for US to start attracting more dual nats from Latino communities no?
  8. New Behind the Crest from HON game is up https://youtu.be/hbNnc0ETQwI spoiler….loved seeing Pulisic celebrate Pepi’s goal and seeing the locker room after the game. So awesome.
  9. Got him late and hoping for more. In for the ride.
  10. Yep…FuboTV or Paramount Plus streaming appear to be the options. https://m.livesoccertv.com/match/4028908/honduras-vs-usa/
  11. Seems ADA hit may be at least partially related to some recently released criticism of how Cardano is positioned https://decrypt.co/80363/cardano-plunges-critics-take-aim-smart-contract-launch
  12. Tagging for future reference. I’ve lost almost all hearing in my left ear from way too many years hunting/shooting without hearing protection.
  13. Looks like ATF just “ruled” this is now a machine gun. Be careful with that in your possession GB https://youtu.be/n-J_dRm9keA
  14. Pulisic getting the start for Chelsea today vs crystal Palace. Ziyech hurt which is likely part of that happening.
  15. ADA making a big push up the past 24 hours. Any specific rationale behind that? I dumped a good amount of ADA earlier this week thinking the infrastructure amendment could hurt.
  16. This. excellent app for tracking NFL stats, news for most any league you want, etc. you can also set favorite teams to make it easy to see scores news etc https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fivemobile.thescore&hl=en&gl=us
  17. Seeing you guys say that Mexico brought their A team to Gold Cup. Curious why they would prioritize that over the Olympics. Their Olympic team lost 0-2 to Japan.
  18. Critical drinker YouTube channel rails against wokeness all the time but thought his review was pretty good. https://youtu.be/u6GUGatFBLo
  19. Sucks for your son. Makes me think of the scene from Revenge of the Nerds https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8kMSbv4qdFQ/VZktoqcNKbI/AAAAAAAASrk/CIbWRI2rgRE/s1600/Atoms%2Bbanner%2Bfor%2Bsmash%2Bup%2Brevenge%2Bof%2Bthe%2Bnerds%2Bgymnasium%2Bbanner.jpg
  20. Everything dropping this morning. Might get to test that 30k floor for BTC today. Hoping ADA gets back around $1…will for sure buy heavily at that discount
  21. Obnoxious fan at the end berating the goalie can be heard at the end of that clip. Probably a supportive parent.
  22. Same. Everything I’m reading and hearing is that the Cardano network will eliminate so much of the problems related to high gas fees on ETH. Very bullish on how Cardano will look a few years from now. ETH was going to be forking into proof of stake though at some point, no?
  23. Great ideas. I’m going to have him fire off some inquires to our local boys/girls club and library today. For sure will post up if something works out. He also loves sports so working with kids in a sports capacity would be ideal too.
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