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  1. if Brees retires, there isn't a QB on the Saints roster who wouldn't make that bottom 5 list.
  2. any thoughts on where this goes from here, sell and look for it to go sub-8 again, or watch it and hope it goes north of 10-11?
  3. absolutely agree about Reagor, and that it's not a popular opinion in my circle either. he was an early fantasy pick for me in my keeper league and i don't plan on letting him go. again, it was a half joking response to the point made that there are similarities to last draft. too soon i guess.
  4. i think i agree, my response was half joking regarding the similarity to last year. personally i'd be happy with either of these two if we end up taking a receiver, over Waddle.
  5. yea you can, i didn't think about this angle and if he was going north it's in that general direction. i guess he was staying up there in RPV after the tournament, curious why up there since Riviera is nowhere near there. it's not exactly a staycation hot spot, there's nothing to do there though it is a upper scale neighborhood.
  6. There is a private airport there, in Torrance, a couple of miles away.
  7. i will jump back in also and give it a go. s1 started well but faded quick for me. doesn't measure up to the other similar shows umbrella academy or even the runaways.
  8. it's the widest street in that city. but it does get quite foggy there early mornings because it's coastal and quite elevated, so visibility could be an issue if you're not use to it. the marine layer in the south bay is no joke most of the year.
  9. i think it was @cosjobs constantly mentioning it so picked up a few during the bottom last week. thank you both. is this a hodl? or trade?
  10. i always felt Goff too often forced balls to Kupp even when other receivers were open. if i was to go off on the deep end i'd even argue Kupp's emergence killed Goff's progression. IMO Kupp will see less targets with Stafford compared to Goff, Woods stays about the same, and agree with those above who pointed to one of the younger guys emerging as the eventual go-to for Stafford.
  11. clearly jefferson and diggs for me too, jefferson probably ahead of diggs in redraft just because I'd guess he was cheaper than diggs by enough to close any stat gap. some honorable mentions for dynasty and keeper leagues: claypool, higgins and robby anderson. they're far behind jefferson/diggs, but easily outplayed their respective adp and any expectations going into week 1. i'd guess they'll be fairly valued next year so no longer "value" plays. reagor and slayton are two guys I think could end up in this conversation next year with better respective QB plays.
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