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  1. NFL Network talked about this yesterday (or it could have been today, it's been a long day), that most teams don't have a draft sheet past the top 100 players this year because of lack of tape, lack of action last year, and less trips out to team facilities past several months. so we could see this as there are unicorns to be found in late rounds more so this year than past years.
  2. https://twitter.com/nfldraftscout/status/1388280662772289536?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet
  3. in case u're not watching, rap just said he had a back issue right before pro day and it seems it's unknown how severe or what the injury is.
  4. was thinking about the stuff I watched on Reagor last year after he was picked, which at the time impressed me. what jumps out on this one is the quality of defense that Smith is doing this against is far greater than the level of competition Reagor had in his highlights. these are solid SEC, next gen NFL quality secondary and Smith looks fluid working his way through the defense. the cuts and stops are crisp to say the least. i'm excited.
  5. Going into 2020 with Wentz, Sanders, Alshon, Djax, Ertz - SB aspirations. Going into 2021 with Hurts, Sanders, Smith, Reagor, Goeddert - pray we're not at the bottom of NFCE, right? not sure how I feel about this makeover, but some good young talent to look forward to. only thing i'll say for now is i hope flacco never starts a game because at least that should mean Hurts wins the job and keeps it. never been a fan of flacco. we still need a Alshon clone physically, someone with size, don't we?
  6. Rich Eisen was just speechless when the other guy said "if they (eagles) want em" about the two QB's.
  7. was just typing this, i can see dallas moving off here so far you guys did a good job projecting the top 10, pretty close to expected
  8. 24 hours later I was playing a round of golf and felt the soreness a bit on the shoulder i got the shot (Saturday). 48 hours later (or next morning, Sunday) I felt no ill effects at all. One of my buddies whom I played with on Saturday had it bad after his first shot a few weeks ago, so definitely different for everyone. will report back after second shot in two weeks.
  9. reading this 3 hours after my pfizer shot #1, not looking forward to tomorrow. or next week. or the next shot.
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