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  1. lol, nice list. MoP trying hard there. of course we want the football player in deshaun, but man, that's a lot of baggage that, to be fair, could end up being nothing yet. should we care what kind of a man he is? a resounding "yes" for me when it's extreme in the wrong direction. but i will admit, deshaun or jalen?
  2. i think i'm on board with the side that says he needs to get on the field, even on a bad team. to any Indy experts, is there an opportunity for him to stay with indy beyond this year if he wasn't traded? aside from he wanting a starting gig, would indy consider a lower dollar contract to even keep him around as a backup to JT? feels like his earning potential is already capped quite a bit if he stays around indy.
  3. ok, bad form on my part for quoting @G-Kingon my statement initially, it wasn't intended to be focused only on that post gb and it wasn't intended to be as serious sounding as it was, i was laughing when i wrote it. it's just funny when someone points out what is wrong with djax posts.
  4. this is the immaturity and "selfish" part imo. i wouldn't use the word selfish, but he's conditioned to thinking he's making the only decision available to him. and it worked well in college so he'll need to re-learn that the ocean is bigger than the college fish tank he came from. yes jalen, they do see what you see out there and many successful QB's before you saw the same. keep learning and realize asap you need to win more situations using your arm than using your legs. i keep looking at Lamar Jackson's play this year as the only successful running veteran QB right now and his maturity from last year looks great. I guess i can put D Jones here, but i did say successful. don't be Jones, Jalen. Be Lamar.
  5. lol yes, he did in the fourth! and Gainwell was in the game, just no touches, in case anyone didn't watch the game. also, Miles had 500 touches in the game if we count all the RPO non-handoffs from Hurts where he kept it. so there's that.
  6. it was more than weird that Gainwell didn't get a single carry last week. i know how far fetched this sounds, but any chance Sanders was being showcased before the trade deadline? there has been zero mention of this in the media so i know it's a reach. i mean, feels like good and good for both backs if they move sanders and there are teams out there getting close to desperate to generate value here.
  7. and thanks for quoting all of them? some of yall just need to learn to move past those posts. the man is stating his opinions. no need to constantly hound him because you disagree.
  8. let's assume about the same usage as Maxx. Where this would concern me is, according to the FBG tool, Maxx has had all of one redzone target in 5 weeks before his injury. Even with the timeshare, Ertz had more opportunities with the Eagles. So basically a wash i think from old situation to new situation for Ertz. Goedert probably sees an uptick in production because of this move, so he's the winner. in non-PPR Ertz would be well outside of top 10 TE even after this move and closer to TE20.
  9. what a game. it looked like he slipped, but dunno if it would have mattered.
  10. TiVo replay says Beasley was half a helmet short of the goal line. moot point now.
  11. this crew loves a good huddle. guess i'll appreciate them being thorough.
  12. 159.65 with no one going tonight, have Tenn def but already have a big number up with the Raiders. last week the cut line moved more than 20 pts i think (unconfirmed) after MNF thanks to Lamar and Andrews, so if that happens tonight, oof. i think that big of a move was an anamoly though. good luck everyone! and well deserved thanks to @kyter1 for the spreadsheet.
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