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  1. Peyton just said what i been screaming. nonononononono good job.
  2. this final score getting awfully close to the "ridiculous" predictions on page 1...
  3. slay got caught guarding that pylon again. he loves that pylon.
  4. yea, that wasn't lost on me. i like that he committed and executed.
  5. that series looked like a real nfl team. well done jalen.
  6. reiterating and adding coaching to the list with play calling.
  7. he was just as bad last week. "bad" isn't the right term. he's lost. looks lost, shows no awareness. tuck and run is his first second third read.
  8. as a degenerate, a missed extra point always matters against the spread. so it is guaranteed Eagles make a comeback in the second half.
  9. that made no sense that he didnt call timeout there.
  10. 50 yard punt, run back 10 yards, hold for another 10. Well done special team.
  11. offensive play calling is pedestrian, i can blame hurts all day long (and i do!) but sirianni needs better game planning. i mean, this game should have been circled on his calendar for months! rookie HC woes.
  12. that outlet to jarwin working a lot and waaaay too well
  13. remember that one game where we gave the ball to Sanders and Gainwell and we did pretty good in that game. I'm glad we stopped doing that since that clearly wasn't working.
  14. nice D, looked like Slay was covering the guy holding the first down marker.
  15. this, don't think they can say "in" from these replays
  16. agree, a hair quicker or a yard deeper and reagor woulda had a chance at least.
  17. and now you see why. and don't poke the bear!
  18. What the Boys are expecting the Eagles to do: throw deep to Quez & Smith, run Hurts on checkdown. What the Eagles will do: throw deep to Quez & Smith, run Hurts on checkdown. Sprinkle in a decent amount of Reagor and TE looks, which was very obviously missing from the playbook last week strategically. Hopefully the Eagles D studied the TB game film all week. TB had one glaring weak spot in their secondary, Eagles can do better. Time to lay it all on the line! If one win can erase all the missteps from the last two seasons by the Eagles FO, this would be it. Eagles 27-24
  19. on the same boat with you's who drafted him in the mid rounds. ugh. in case you missed the game last night and still have any optimism left, I don't think Darnold looked his way at all until those two targets in the fourth Q. Pecking order for his reads were generally Moore, Marshall, the Tight End, checkdown RB, that other receiver I didn't know was on this team, and then Bob.
  20. lol yes, i can relate. and when you involve any teams top talent like here, it's even harder to get people to act.
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