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  1. FWIW, this beat writer thinks that he's a go tomorrow and will not be limited much.
  2. Unfortunately for us owners of Deebo and/ or Sanders, the correct answer is likely Kittle.
  3. I haven't had a chance to take a look at the snap counts, but Rotoworld implied that he was benched after the interception. Hence Brate's heavy usage yesterday. IMO, he needs a fresh start with a coaching staff that believes in him, is willing to be patient through his mistakes/ endure through the growing pains, and so on.
  4. Why do you say that Sanders will “probably” be out? Edelman suffered a rib cartilage injury earlier in the year, and he didn’t miss any time. From my understanding, it’s just a pain management/ tolerance issue.
  5. Nevertheless, I'm encouraged by the 7 targets. So I think I'm gonna keep him around for another week or two as a TE2, just to see what happens.
  6. This seems like a highly optimistic projection, as Metcalf is only averaging ~58 yards per game as the #2 (with Wilson performing at a career best pace). So I'm pretty skeptical that Gordon is going to eat that much as the clear #3.
  7. I'm rolling with Howard as a bye week fill in. If Arians/ Leftwich are ever going to scheme him into a game plan, you'd think that this would be the week. Sample of TE performance against Arizona: Hockenson 6-131-1, Andrews 8-112-1, Olsen 6-75-2, Dissly 7-57-1, Hooper 8-117-1, and Kittle 6-79-1.
  8. If they retain him, it's just due to regret avoidance. It's pretty clear that they will continue to use Howard as an easy replaceable in-line blocking TE, whereas Brate will be used in the more premium receiving role (albeit limited with Arians). However, the prospect of "losing" a trade (and seeing Howard thrive in a different system) churns their stomachs.
  9. I'm picking up Howard (where available) to hold till the trade deadline. Trading him makes sense, IMO, and Arians doesn't seem to be his biggest fan. Given how bad TE is this year, I think it's a worthwhile speculative add.
  10. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/10/23/bucs-should-start-trading-if-they-lose-to-tennessee-and-even-if-they-win/ https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-arians-on-howard-trade-rumors-bill-belichick-didnt-call-me/ https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-arians-points-to-reasons-for-howards-struggles/
  11. IMO the most obvious answer is Manny Sanders. AB84 is a locker room cancer, huge off the field risk, etc., and Green is likely gonna cost a heap in draft capital. Sanders can probably be had for a 4th.
  12. Arians needs a third OT out there to create time for his slow developing plays. Apparently nobody else on the roster is competent enough to fill that role.
  13. Manny Sanders would be a nice fit, and he's probably not expensive to get. Please make it happen.
  14. I know his blocking graded poorly in 2017, and it was much improved last season. Anyhow, the Bucs have a lot of needs across the offensive line and defense, and they probably should be in a rebuilding state. Brate is arguably their preferred receiving TE, he's getting paid like a starter, and finding a blocking TE at Howard's cost shouldn't be that difficult. So if they can deal Howard for, say, a package of draft picks, I think they should strongly consider it, as the incremental improvement at more integral roles in their system might more than offset the loss/ replacement of Howard.
  15. Yeah, I knew about his PFF ranking for 2018. I was hoping that someone might have the grades for this season (in particular, the blocking grades).
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