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  1. Waiter have to pay tax on tips (although it can be argued that they don’t pay tax because of the new tax code) vs cash which you only claim a portion of. Same for any small business you pay cash at.
  2. I live in SF for three years and have come to the conclusion that it is a great place to visit but a hard place to live. Coming from LA, it is way more expensive. I never thought i would say that about anywhere other than NY. Also, the weather is awful. No way people go there for beaches. I lived in N. Bay commuting to the Financial District taking the ferry every AM to work. That is a beautiful way to get to work. LA Housing market - I just received an appraisal on my house that i bought last year for a pending refinance that shows a 9.1% gain in value. I was actually surprised by the appreciation! Go Team!
  3. I typically carry between $200-$500. I think this goes back to the days taking cabs while traveling vs Uber/lyft. Their CC machines back in the day were always down so you needed to have cash. Fast forward to today, i try to use my card when ever i can for the cash back (currently have the 2% cash back from Citi). I would be interested in the age groups that carry vs not. I don't have venmo or any other virtual payment so cash is king. Also, where i live there is always a "cash" discount for services. My mechanic doesn't charge tax, our gardener has a cash price vs CC price.
  4. I gave away thousands of these to a FBG....Hmmm, split the profits
  5. What kind of phone do you have? Computer? Car? Cheap shirts and gadgets don’t even scratch the surface.
  6. This is the answer, they are most likely behind secured debt which makes the equipment worthless. Do you know what the capital structure currently is (is there senior debt)? Next you would need to look at the credit quality of the company. Would they be able to take you out either with new debt or with traditional bank debt? Honestly there probably is a deep discount to sell the note in a secondary market.
  7. Just as another point of reference, I have never provided a ss card
  8. You are the worst form of life on this planet. If you have nothing to do, get out of the way. Where I come from we have this thing called a forearm shiver. Hopefully you get one sooner rather than later.
  9. Can you unpack this a bit - my understanding was that they were a huge cog in the cartel (which may be wrong). If they were to take their ball and go home who has the capacity to make up for it?
  10. Life is an interview. Be yourself. I hire people based an skills and personality. If you can fit into the team you are a much better hire than others. Just my opinion.
  11. Got it last night, thanks!!!!!!! Can anyone post pics for me - pm me email. eta: wife just cannot comprehend how I got a “present” from someone I have never met
  12. This is exactly what is was thinking. Sitting in the cash from all my TSLA puts to put into bargains. I am debating buying amazon calls and Netflix calls at open with the ultimate goal of owning the stick after another correction. We’ll see later tonight.
  13. I work in Pasadena so that would be perfect. Everyone is a fan of good bubbles!!!!
  14. Perfect you buy drinks, I will bring wine (I hope for a shirt) and I will get dinner. Pm me and we will coordinate calendars! I am holding you to this)! ETA: studio city but I go to oc as needed for work.
  15. Unfortunately no. Whoever the new resident is in the apartment didn not turn the package in. I am sure they are wearing my cool new shirts no worries.
  16. I seriously hope this pig finally dies - debating on selling on the open or riding it out. Prob will sell half to take profits then let the rest ride to see what happens.
  17. I have 10 puts (look at me;)))) - I cannot wait for the open tomorrow!!!!!!
  18. Not yet - trying to track down the property manager. Problem is they have 500+ units so it is hard to get in front of the right people.
  19. Hmmm I still have not received anything yet. @kutta Was a package sent?
  20. VW and Mercedes are going to catch them at some point with much deeper pockets and better track records.
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