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  1. Think this was pretty fair going both ways. You have nice depth at WR on this squad and could easily give up Hilton without hurting a lot.
  2. 2 different FFPC deals TY for Fleener, M.Gordon, McKinnon and Drake, Smallwood, 2017 first (likely mid) for Boyd, 2017 first (likely late)
  3. John, I would prefer ARob here, as I am not a believer that the LA offense will open up enough for Gurley to reach his ceiling, but I think there's fair value both ways. As long as you can get value, I think you accomplished your goal.
  4. Which is why I said... None of the scenarios you mentioned make it any less of a dumb move. A future second is a valuable commodity. A team defense is made for streaming in dynasty. Spending premium picks on top defenses is a waste of resources.
  5. No defensive team or kicker is worth any future second round pick in traditional scoring.
  6. Do you really believe LaFell and Boyd are better receiving options than Jones and Sanu? I certainly don't. Eifert becomes the clear second option in a decent passing game and it's not close for me. Eifert is a top 4 tight end at worst - well below Gronk, but entrenched in that second tier with guys like Kelce and Olson.
  7. The other factor for me was roster size - I have a lot of guys that I'll have tough decisions on when cutdowns take place, so being able to spin a 2 for 1 to pick up the better player was appealing for me.
  8. I acquired Eifert in this one. My trade partner had poor depth behind Eifert while I already had Fleener. Allen, Maxx, and Hooper. I could afford to take the upside gamble. He needed a bit more safety. Think it fit both of our needs well.
  9. Just went down in FFPC Eifert, 2017 4th, 2017 6th for Ebron, Diggs, 2017 5th
  10. Wow, that really is an awful deal. If the team acquiring the 2016 picks doesn't win a championship with that type of advantage in year 1, they are doing something wrong.
  11. Give me Lockett/2nd. SEA backfield could be a cluster trying to predict the right play this season.
  12. Depends on team needs for me - if I need to pare down roster spots, I take Allen. If I have the roster space, I take the greater aggregate value in Cobb/Shepard.
  13. I guess that's fair, since Kelce didn't technically break out until the end of 2014 by my measure (his week 4 was a false breakout - and the true breakout appeared to be week 14). I would say in spite of the ranking that I wouldn't have put him as firmly established at that point, and in that same tier as ASJ as an unproven (though Kelce would have been higher ranked with more data points indicating a breakout), in other words, much closer to a mid TE1 valuation than a high TE1 valuation like Gronk/Graham.
  14. To be fair, if this wasn't a TE premium league, I would agree with you, but I have emphasized the importance on my rosters to carry more than 2 TE's that have the capability of being a TE1 type in TE premium type leagues. If you can find one that produces stats on a similar clip to a WR (Gronk, Graham), it can give you a huge advantage. I would say last year at this time, Kelce, Eifert, and ASJ were all thought of as in that same tier getting ready to take the next step. Kelce and Eifert did that - ASJ's injuries primarily prevented him from taking the leap last year. Heck, even Jordan
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