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  1. I think the guy filming just had his "the police" pandora channel playing.
  2. give it a little longer than a couple weeks. Still no problems. Although I do have a problem with someonr on my floor from another company. He never removes his k cup from the kuerig.
  3. Dentist made a low budget fan sequel Chocolate Sheets It has much less running
  4. There should be a cable channel thatbruns nothing but stories like this
  5. If I die wealthy with seversl heirs my will will state that they play a no limit tourney for the whole shebang
  6. Only when you eclipse your previous best I think. Sometimes I dont get them, and if it were the way you described it could be easily exploited
  7. With a little luck and ingenuity, you, too, can create your very own worldwide religion. I am seriously considering it
  8. Just finished the documentary on demand. I found it inspirational.
  9. Baby WaRRioRs! is where im at... trying to get into WaRRioRs!Dont.Only useful if you feel like micromanaging while attacking higher lever bases which, if you play way too much, it shouldnt even have to be considered. Mass infantry with some nedics is much more effective if you are goid with your gunboat. I have tested this a lot. I think warriors suck. Cant do anything you cant do more efficiently if you pay attention with flares and healing. If you really need to attack a base 2+ levels above you they can sometimes work, although , in those situations I think tanks are a better option. Personally I find mass infantry with 3+ medics more effective overall What HQ level are you? What level riflemen & medic do you use and how far can you typically get on Dr. Terror?HQ 18Riflemen lvl 11 +30% troop health They have 360 health and do 66 dmg each. I can field 80 with 3 medics 40 gunboat energy I can beat dr terror 8th stage pretty regularly
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