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  1. "Guys" could also be a reference to the site's staff instead of the readership.... Footballguys Staff .... but then we're presented with a whole new dilemma. Wow, that staff is non-inclusive. Not a single woman on it, and I have to adjust my monitor hue to find even the slightest trace of melanin. There seems to be a lack of recognition in the hiring practice that diversity is our strength.
  2. Well, at least we agree that "Footballguys" must be changed. I mean it's 2018 after all, and we want to be on the right side of history.
  3. Thanks Wet Dream. I was worried my post may come off as anal. I'm glad that you don't take it that way and are behind me instead.
  4. I was thinking about Joe's desire to rename "Random Shots" so as not to offend anyone. That's commendable even if you disagree that "Random Shots" is offensive. It shows that Joe is a good man with a big heart. But how about the name of this site? Footballguys is not an inclusive name. It may alienate some women and two-spirits who don't identify as "guys", but are huge fans of football and this site with the exception of the name. It's time, Joe. Do the right thing. Please recommend a new name for this site so we can show some progress toward more inclusion and less alienation.
  5. Joe would stay up at night worrying that people would confuse his football column for a Klan newsletter.
  6. Joe, I'll be serious this time. I'd choose a name that emphasizes how hard NFL players play, how many hours NFL coaches grind, and how much work you put into that column all to be successful. Something like Joe Bryant's Hustler.
  7. Joe, since you're touching on a variety of topics in your column in a short, concise way have you considered Joe Bryant's Bullet Points?
  8. Some old gay guy at work got fired for peaking over the urinal divider to check out my hog. Joke's on him because seeing my very average hog is hardly worth getting fired over. I was willing to let the incident go. I told another male coworker, though, and that coworker mentioned my incident to HR after the old gay guy grabbed that coworker's butt. Not sure why we got rid of that guy. He made work like an amusing obstacle course of avoiding him.
  9. I want that dog to still be wearing that sticker when the 2020 election rolls around.
  10. Fried Pickles are a top tier appetizer.
  11. Which is exactly why I never suggested that she tried to stop the orderly transfer of power, but instead pointed out that she's fallen short of DW's wish that "after an election that we, with a bit of bitter grousing aside by some, accept the results and move forward." Now go ask Adonis for all this evidence he has which supposedly shows that Trump who had no true connections within the political establishment at the time of the election would prevent the orderly transfer of power.
  12. That's speculation with little evidence to support it. Meanwhile, since that election, there has been plenty of evidence that his losing opponent continues to publicly grouse and not fully accept the results of that election contrary to DW's wishes that we limit that behavior to a short period immediately after the election.
  13. Not pickling per se, but I've come to appreciate dill pickle flavored potato chips as the king of the chip kingdom.
  14. It isn't to me, but I've had discussions with people who won't even admit that humans are animals period, never mind herd animals.
  15. Bugging me? Not at all. Amusing me? Absolutely. I think it's funny when people feel a social obligation to display that they're going along with the group or they're doing what good people are allegedly supposed to do. It shows that humans are more herd animals then we like to believe.
  16. But then how do you let people know that you voted? My understanding is that's a moral and social imperative.
  17. I know another fat Nick who likes to sneak in and out without anybody noticing he was there.
  18. Have you encountered anyone who wasn't aware that today is voting day, but thanked you for making them aware via your sticker?
  19. This isn't political in the sense that I want to know how you voted, why, and we'll argue over our differing opinion. So please don't move this to the godforsaken Politics Forum. I just want to know if you wear your "I Voted" sticker around most of the day. If so, why?
  20. Many media outlets omitted the race of the students who pulled the stunt. This was likely done intentionally so that their readers would fill in the blanks and assume it was racist white students who meant harm. The media, via their lies of omission, help create racial tension while complaining about it.
  21. There's no time or place for a divisive term like that. Especially when America is so divided. Had the band members merely changed the C to a P they could have given us a unifying term that we all agree we love.
  22. That's weird on numerous levels. First, it weird that your buddy's wife is so obsessed about his friends calling him by his last name that she demands they stop it. Second, it's weird that he allows it. Finally, it's weird that you guys honor her wishes. I'd double-down on the last name just to spite her for trying to control my buddy and me.
  23. Environmentalists will complain about the plastic bottles. It's the modern world. Someobody will find a reason to be outraged. I mean just look at Otis' recent threads.
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