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  1. Never thought this goober would be this good this fast, none the less, I got my share of him off the wire, why the he!! not.
  2. what a total gutless punk. if a black player said something so weakminded he would get destroyed by the media. ####Thomas was asked about this after the debacle, er, I mean game, and he said something to the effect of " don't ask me, I'm not a QB guru"....
  3. They have given Hoyer a LOT of rope imo. I think they should wait until they're out of contention before going to Manziel. They're still very much in it. If Manziel loses the next two games and knocks themselves out of it...then what?Related? Because that's all that's in his corner at this point. If they play Hoyer, they ARE out of contention. Have you watched the games? Manziel got more rushing yards in his first drive as a pro than Hoyer had ALL year. The change should have happened after the Atlanta game. Hoyer tried to give it away twice. A more experienced coach would have made the switc
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