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  1. He just announced that he is out for the season. https://mobile.twitter.com/RMos_8Ball/status/1437852104773619713
  2. Seems to be working well for me! I just got an alert from the them about the Chiefs.
  3. I am going to venture a guess that he read that as Elijah Moore 😉
  4. I just downloaded the app last night and it is free (with in-app purchases). There hasn't been any breaking news yet, so I can't speak on its effectiveness though.
  5. I also feel like a took a valuable lesson out of his story. I don’t HAVE to do anything. I GET to do everything.
  6. All good because I generally don't have much input. I had your back through this. Peace.
  7. This wasn't targeted at any one person at all and just free talk to people screaming over the internet. Give this fight up. I got your back, but no way to fight back on feelings.
  8. This wasn't targeted at any one person at all and just free talk to people screaming over the internet.
  9. Funny that you say that. I am from the inner city of Cleveland and my childhood was as diverse as anyone here. That didn't put me at a disadvantage. If anything, it put me AT an advantage so I understood everyone better. I lived with 3 black students in college that decided to move out of the dorms with my best friend until we all graduated. We were the worst of the worst selling but we always made sure everyone was ok.
  10. This should only concern personal attacks and or doxxing. Can we just wipe this thread away?
  11. How about this. We just don't use words that you wouldn't use in a store? I am not solving a problem, but it may be a good baseline.
  12. Do people get offended by limey (my mom is from the UK)? Do people get offended by dirty mick (my father and siblings are still there). Racist posts are not meant for a public fantasy football forum. That just makes no sense in what we are trying to accomplish as a team of friends. I am likely the biggest idiot on the forums. Take from that what you will.
  13. I am dumb and didn't even make the playoffs this year. Is it OK if I rip on myself?
  14. Unless you know someone personally, it is a weak attempt at an online dig. I don't know any of you folks in real life. I would deny it even if I did XOXO. You are free to say anything that you like. I try to choose my words wisely, but that doesn't mean that I am not permitted to say them.
  15. Most of us are adults on this forum. I got scolded by my 4 year old for saying stupid. That is stupid. Grow some thicker skin. I understand some key words, but stupid isn't one of them.
  16. #Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay (concussion) is expected to clear concussion protocol and play, source said, while WR Tim Patrick (hamstring) is pushing to play, but Denver called up another WR on Saturday. That’s generally an indication it’ll be another week for Patrick. I have him, but I would fire up someone else if I had a decent option.
  17. Very small hail. More like stuffed animal beads, but yes that is true. I just got it and it is over as fast as it came. Forecast looks like trash at kickoff though.
  18. I have to and I am a homer. The wind has picked up quite a bit here. It is at about 20mph now. Gusts up to about 35mph-ish. It is like 45 degrees, but it feels a lot colder. Take that info and run.
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