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  1. Weird, like the second one more I think.. week at RB but will never need a flex from there. time will tell, both crushed week 1 but a long way to go…
  2. I did 2 as well Brady, Herbert Kamara, Chubb, J Robinson, AJ Dillon, Fournette, Chubba, Rountree McLaurin, Lockett, J Jones, Raegor, Bateman, AJ Green, Goedert, Kroft, Friermuth Gould, SF stafford J Jacobs, M Gaskin, AJ Dillon, Fournette, Gainwell, M Brown, A Collins Ridley, Cooper, Lockett, A Brown, JuJu, Gallup, J Palmer Engram, Schultz, J Johnson Gould, SF
  3. Like your first one more I think. If RBs hold up it will do well
  4. Here is one that I liked. stafford, Watson, wilson mccafrey, jacobs, Montgomery, R Stevenson, d Williams, s perine Hopkins, m thomas, aiyuk, c Samuel, r Moore, t smith fant, I smith, e engram washington, butker overall I really liked how the draft fell.
  5. I picked the wrong week to have my highest weekly total ever. 261
  6. Maybe you will get hit with all the injuries in the second half. I doubt it...
  7. Not too shabby!!! Should do well. I don’t like Brown as much as you do but that’s just because of his swings from game to game. Love him in best ball. here is mine Dak, Fitz magic barkley, Taylor, z moss, c Thompson, j McKinnon, b love d Hopkins, a cooper, AJ brown, d Samuel, b Edwards, r Cobb, c Claypool, fant, Herndon, l thomas lutz, SF def
  8. Done, most points through end of week 11 wins FBG league on the other for next year.. let me know
  9. Nope, only team with bell and Gurley. Have DJ a lot though. U didn’t mention how much better both of my teams are then yours and it’s not close!!! Lol
  10. I have two leagues with you! I was talking #### to you the whole time in one. You didn’t know it was me! Lol
  11. I don’t doubt that probably just a little too late is all.
  12. You should of stopped before you drafted this one
  13. Drafts are getting very different now. Funny to see player movement
  14. 10 last night, it was a crazy draft!!!!! I agree one more back would of been great but couldn’t pass on the value each round!!
  15. Here is one T Brady, Stafford Barkley, D Johnson, A Mattison, C Hyde, C Thompson, D Freeman, D Dallas, G Bernard Godwin, Golladay, AJ Brown, D Parker, TY Hilton Gronk, Herndon, Jarwin Zuerlein, KC
  16. A lot better than the last one for sure!!!!!
  17. oh i agree and i have the same problems. then all you do is kick yourself all damn day... i would think about sitting mixon maybe, i couldn't see sitting higbee in the primetime matchup against that defense against tes.
  18. here is another allen, rivers chubb, jones, henry, eckler, j williams hopkins, boyd, fitzgerald, ross, hurns, aj brown waller, griffin badgley, faribairn chargers, bears
  19. this is probable my favorite team on paper but have many that are very strong. need production from tight end rodgers, tannehill zeke, cook, jones, henry, mostert, scarborough kupp, ridley, deebo, a miller, lazard goedert, jonnu, walker, dwelley z, maher sf
  20. Good Luck everyone starting tonight!!!!! I was able to get 10 out of 21 into the big dance. Now need one of them to hit..
  21. last draft of the year. main event, took guys i wanted early and pieced everything else together. mahomes chubb, fournette, henry, sanders, d. thompson, ty johnson ty hilton, r. anderson, valdez scantling, d jackson, goodwin, stills, aj brown, r higgins njoku, t burton, eifert chicago, m bryant good luck everyone may sunday be awesome
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