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  1. Well my injury riddled team is out. Needed a strong game out of Grok and he came up small. Good luck to all those left.
  2. Thank you Funchess. Looks like my injury riddled team will survive another week. Good luck to those still sweating it out.
  3. 5.4 under the cut with Funchess and McCaffrey going. My top scorer is Trubisky..
  4. Sitting 27.5 below the cut with some hope still. Grok -1.8 White all scoring McCaffrey -.1 Funchess -1.1
  5. Well 2 of the last 3 weeks within 10 points of being cut. Survived with no Qb and no TE but the injuries will get me soon.. Down Rodgers, Watson, and David Johnson. Trubisky my only QB left. Yikes.
  6. 44 yard made by Prater has me feeling better now 4.75 over the cutline and Prater scoring for me. Team is likely toast soon due injuries at QB but another week is looking more likely now.
  7. Halftime and I'm 2.05 points above the cutline with Prater -3 still in play for me. Would be feeling more comfortable if he had made that long FG.
  8. Think I need a strong game from Prater to have a shot. Currently 13 points over the cut line with Prater -3 and Lions DT -13 left. Being I had no Qb or TE this week I am feeling lucky I even have shot. Good luck to all those sweating it out.
  9. No QB this week and no TE. Need a major miracle to survive. Good luck all.
  10. Survived the loss of David Johnson. Survived the loss of Rodgers. But the loss of Watson will be end of my team.
  11. With Watson doing well I am feeling good about this week but next week is going to be very rough won't have a TE at all.
  12. First time this year I was within 10 points of being cut. Week 8 doesn't look too bad as my two biggest guys on bye are out injured anyway and only have 2 other fairly minor guys on bye. Week 9 is the end of the line though if I make there.
  13. just 3.8 above the cutline with c Thompson only still scoring for me.
  14. Looking like if Grok does decently this week I should survive with only Trubisky at QB. Likely gone next week with heavy bye weeks and my top two players by cost out of action due to injury.
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